Remember the cyber security bill CISA? Not so long ago, we did a post on how you can protect yourself from the atrocities of CISA. Well, things have just got from bad to worse as Congress has dropped all hints that CISA is not a full-fledged surveillance bill.

Previously, one of the clauses of Cyber-security Information Sharing Act (CISA) was that governmental intelligence agencies can collect unlimited amount of information about users as long as it pertained to cyber security. Similarly, Tech Companies would be encouraged to share information of their consumers with the Department of Defense (DOD) and other governmental agencies for cyber security purposes.

These hints were enough for anyone to see that CISA could be another bill that was renamed and used for conducting surveillance on netizens. However, the entire pretense has been dropped and according to TechDirt, the latest version of CISA reveals frightening insights:

  • The data that can be collected through CISA can be directly shared with NSA instead of first being sent over to Department of Homeland Security (DHS).
  • The restriction to remove information that is unrelated to cyber security has been abolished. If the collected data is first sent to DHS then the process of eliminating irrelevant information could be done. Since this is not the case, governmental agency can get their hands on any information that crosses their path.
  • All restrictions on using the collected information for surveillance purposes have been removed.
  • Governmental agencies have also been granted limitless access for using the collected data for any purpose in addition to cyber security. This could potentially lead to misuse of information by governmental agencies.

So in light of these facts, CISA could potentially mark the return of governmental surveillance wrapped around the name of cyber security. Until the final version of the Bill is drafted and implemented for the masses, you can protect your privacy using a VPN service. It will help to encrypt all your internet traffic and keep you anonymous over the web.

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