If you know about unwarranted state surveillance, ISP monitoring and cyber threats (hackers, phishing, Trojans, data theft), you definitely know that VPN or Virtual Private Networks are the only tools that  provide you unshakeable protection from such online threats.

Most netizens are fussed over the fact that they have to pay, sometimes north of $100, subscription fees for VPN, even if they only use one device at a time. Well no worries smartphone users’ we have some great cheap VPN deals for you to enjoy.

The word “Cheap” doesn’t necessarily imply low quality, in the world of online security cheap VPN means ‘a brilliant offer’. When was the last time you saw a smashing VPN deal that you thought was brilliant? Keep reading and check out our exclusive cheap VPN offers.

5 Best Cheap VPN Services

There are numerous VPN services offering a range of features for VPN subscribers so that these users can get robust online privacy and security. There are few cheap VPN for mobile devices available that provide a range of benefits at attractive prices.

While there are providers that offer great service at totally unaffordable cost for a home user, we have assorted a list of the top 5 cheapest premium VPN providers for privacy seekers:

5.0 / 5.0
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4.7 / 5.0
4.0 / 5.0
3.5 / 5.0
3.0 / 5.0

Cheap VPN for Android

Android smartphones are renowned for their ease of use, but rarely do users’ know that they are vulnerable against most cyber threats. Threats including online snoopers, ISP monitoring, hackers, malware, and tracking technologies are constantly breaching the digital privacy of Android users’. In their 2012 report, Kaspersky Labs reported that 99% malware was designed to affect Android devices, more than 35,000 malware were identified that year.

Mobile Threats Report

Trend Micro 2015 Mobile Threats Report


When online privacy is discussed, VPN instantly come to mind. Android phones being vulnerable need massive protection for both devices and the networks they connect to. While an antivirus app like AVG, ESET and Kaspersky can instantly secure your Android phone with a firewall & app monitoring, the network vulnerabilities remain.

Considering a cheap VPN depends on the complete bundle of services a VPN provider offers. Even the most expensive VPN providers can prove to be utterly useless in certain regions. Cheap VPN services are not necessarily “cheap” as in low quality; they are cheap VPN providers with discount deals & offers. Usually, any good cheap VPN will secure your device given it offers 256bit data encryption and the right tunneling protocols.

Security Tips

Cheap VPN for iPhone

After the FBI unlocked the iPhone 5 of the San Bernardino assassin there is no surety that your Apple phone is safe anymore. Hence, users need to proactively secure their iPhones to tackle the issue of online hacking and cyber thefts successfully.

Cheap VPN

The optimal network security tool that privacy advocates, cyber security experts and academics recommend is VPN. While VPN are usually offered at wallet breaking prices there are always special offers on cheap VPN services for iPhone users, allowing you to subscribe for longer terms for very feasible prices.

The previous versions of iPhone operating system like iOS 9 and earlier used PPTP protocols however the latest operating system iOS 10 does not use PPTP protocol anymore and offers L2TP, IPSec, iKEV2, and supports OpenVPN protocols. Always ensure that your cheap VPN for iPhone offers the protocols that Apple embeds in their devices.

Secure your Torrents on Mobile with Cheapest VPN Deals

Although it is mostly PC based, thanks to some great apps thousands of users have begun using torrents on their iPhones and Android phones. Torrents and file sharing is now considered illegal in most North American & European countries. Therefore, netizens in these regions should not torrent without VPN, otherwise face consequences in the form of fines and lawsuits.

SBS Australian Report

SBS Australia Report June 2015


When downloading torrent, users’ IP addresses are disclosed to ISPs and anyone else with access to the network. The ISP can also record online activities of users who download torrents and share files over P2P services. These details are then sent over to copyright owners who in turn send torrent downloaders notices like these:

Legal Notice for Downloading Torrent

Notice sent to a user who downloaded TV Series “Banshee” over Torrents

Having a VPN is always handy since it secures your real location and your original IP address. The ISP never knows what you downloaded and which websites you visited hence there is nothing to report. Similarly, copyright trolls cannot trace you back to your location either.

In A Nutshell

Price is a major factor in deciding which VPN service to go for. To solve this problem for you we have reviewed the 5 cheapest VPN services on offer right now. While there were more than five, we ranked the services taking in account price, servers, apps, support and security.

PureVPN came up the winner offering a superb yearly package for $35 ($2.91 per month) while Ivacy VPN won second position with its amazing 2 Year Package $1.66 per month offer, find out more in our reviews above.


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