Update: 26/07/2016: Quebec Bill 74

In early April 2016 the state of Quebec began lobbying Bill 74, a cleverly disguised censorship legislation meant to ban online gambling websites that do not comply with Canadian law. Cyber security experts and privacy advocates alike are rating Bill 74 an online freedom killer threatening the open internet in Quebec.

Finance Minister of Quebec Carlos Leitao

Critics of the bill have established that Quebec’s state run gambling authority is taking extreme measures to wipe out international competition from its cyberspace. Canadian law experts have also raised their voice claiming that Bill 74 violates freedom of expression, challenges Canadian telecom laws and will eventually be challenged in court from tech companies and online civil right groups.

With net neutrality legislation already in action within Canada, ISPs have already established that the bill will be difficult to implement and costly. Canadians will definitely look towards VPN services to keep their internet secure and open.

Update 6/11/2015: The Senate just passed Bill C-51 today by 44-28

The Canadian Senate has just passed the Bill C-51, which means that the Canadian governmental departments like the police and CSIS has unprecedented authority to share information about individuals or groups between departments (and other Five Eyes spying partners). This basically means that the privacy of the Canadian internet users is now under threat.

How can a Canadian VPN Help?

NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden underlined the importance of VPN in all countries that are part of the 5 Eyes Surveillance Network. These include USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

If you are in Canada, then a VPN definitely helps you secure yourself against the NSA’s PRISM surveillance program as well as other technologies being deployed in the region to retain user meta data for emails, online communications, call records and social feeds. By encrypting your online data and requests the Virtual Private Network makes it impossible for anyone to spy or listen on to your online activities.

Similarly, the growing nuisance of cyber criminals is also affecting Canadian netizens. Data is breached on banking, shopping and other government websites stealing information of unsuspecting citizens and using it for blackmailing or stealing funds from accounts. A Canada VPN provider allows you to actively secure your connection and devices making it impossible for even the most capable hack to infiltrate your network and hack the data.

VPN are essential when connected to public WI-FI networks in coffee shops, bus & train stations, airports, shopping malls, libraries and other networks. By tunneling your online activity and encrypting it, VPN enhances your online privacy making sure even network administrators have no access to your devices and online activities.

To learn more about VPN and how they secure your online activities, head over to our latest Canadian VPN reviews listed in the table below. Read exclusive editorial reviews and user testimonials for each service to learn where they stand.

Overview Canada VPN

Canada has been a safe haven for internet users for decades. The accessibility to content in Canada is amongst the least restricted and users can easily access websites of their choice. However, times have changed in the past few years – considerably!

Although the blocking of content hasn’t spiraled upwards in recent times, the other threats over the internet have. As a user, you never have needed a VPN service like ever before.

From multiple cyber-goons trying to infiltrate your personal space and looking for ways to extract personal information from your social networks to the governmental agencies tracking down your every move, nothing is absolutely 100% safe on the internet.

There are numerous VPN providers operating in the market today and majority of them, if not all, have at least one VPN server in Canada.

What a VPN does, that an antivirus or firewall completely fails to do, is strengthening your online security over the internet. A Canada VPN masks your IP address and shields your online identity. The Canadian VPN ensures you are protected from all such evil over the internet.

But before we present you with which Canada VPN should be selected, you need to know about the latest copyright laws amended by the Canadian government.


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What’s in Store for Canadian VPN Providers

The recent amendment to the copyright laws in Canada requires all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to retain data about their customers’ logging activities and issue a notice of piracy to anyone violating the copyrights law.

The new amendment in the law applies to the Canada VPN providers as well. They are also required to keep logs of their customers’ online activities. Failure in compliance would result in hefty penalties and heavy fines on the Canada VPN providers.

The law states that the ISPs need to “retain records that will allow the identity of the person to whom the electronic location belongs to be determined, and do so for six months…” 

This is not good news for VPN providers that are based in Canada. Popular services like BTGuard and TunnelBear are Canadian VPN providers and they might be asked to keep logs of their subscribers. They may even have to move their operations outside Canada in order to secure their customers privacy.

Response by Canadian VPN Providers

However, in response to these amendments, BTGuard has reassured its customers that their logging policy will remain unchanged. In a statement, BTGuard told that commitment towards customers’ privacy is its first priority and it would not keep any usage logs of its customers.

Similarly, TunnelBear also responded to this new amendment in a reassuring statement. It ensured that it is working hard for customers’ privacy and that it would not record any activity logs; even if it ever moved its operations outside Canada.

Even though the amendment would result in the ISPs recording the online activities of their users, the Canadian VPN services like BTGuard and TunnelBear will continue to provide anonymity to their users.

5 Best VPNs for Canada

Among the vast pool of VPN services that are available in the market, here is our take on the best vpn for Canada that you can buy.

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Factors to Consider for Selecting a VPN

Before you go into the market and purchase a VPN service, you might want to consider some important points. These factors determine and separate which services are better than the other, and which will provide you better security, privacy and accessibility.

While selecting a Canada VPN for yourself, keep the following factors in mind:

  1. Price: One of the key variables, you need to look at the price of the service against the services and features that are offered.
  2. Logging Policy: Many VPN providers keep various logs of their users. We recommend the one that has a Zero Log Policy or doesn’t keep any usage logs at all.
  3. Servers: Many Canada VPN providers have servers located across the world. Select the VPN provider that has at least one server located in USA, Canada, UK or Australia.
  4. Provider Location: There are many providers that operate from more friendly locations where your privacy and identity are comparatively safe. Select the providers that have no restrictions and no strict rules for copyrights infringement.
  5. Protocols and Encryption: Select a Canada VPN that protects you by using different security protocols like L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, and OpenVPN and encrypts your data with at least 128 bit encryption.
  6. Customer Support: Almost all of the VPN providers have certain customer support service. Our advice is to select the provider that has a 24/7 working Customer Support Service.

Reasons to Choose a Canada VPN

Now that you know how to select a Canada VPN, here is why you need a VPN service for Canada.

Protection against Cyber-goons

The cyber world is a dangerous place – you never know who might be looking just around the corner to take advantage of your personal information. There are various hackers, spammers, phishers, malware, and malicious software looking for ways to steal sensitive data of yours whenever you go on the internet.

Each year, people incur considerable losses due to cybercrimes all around the world. Numerous businesses and individuals are affected due to the activities performed by these cyber-goons. In 2014, all records were shattered and losses incurred due to cybercrimes were recorded the highest.

A report by CTV News showed that around 70 percent of the Canadian businesses incurred losses due to cyberattacks. The average financial loss amounted to be around $14,844 with financial fraud, theft of company information, and malware and virus attacks accounting to be the top three reasons for these losses. McAfee reported that more than $400 billion are lost globally due to cybercrimes.

You can make use of a Canada VPN to protect yourself from these threats and avoid financial losses. It secures your data and all your sensitive information from the cybercriminals and gives you a sense of freedom while surfing the internet.

Lift the Cover over Blanket Surveillance

As if the cyber criminals were not enough, there are many governmental agencies and spies that track and record each and every step of yours over the internet.

The disturbing revelations brought to the spotlight by Edward Snowden about NSA further emphasize the need for a VPN. These governmental agencies spy on all the activities performed by you over the internet.

Canada VPN masks your identity by providing you a secure IP address and by concealing your identity. You can keep these unwanted intruders away and safely browse the internet by installing a Canada VPN in your devices.

Canada VPN – A Handy Traveling Tool

VPN is a handy tool if you are traveling outside of Canada. It will help you in unlocking all the geo restricted content on your travels. There are different websites that cannot be accessed outside certain geographic location.

This is where Canada VPN comes in play and unblocks all your favorite media streaming websites. So the next time you are traveling to, let’s say China, and want to access Netflix; you will be required to use a VPN service that is especially optimized to provide you better streaming experience.

And how can we forget the NHL? With a best Canada VPN, you can easily watch your favorite team battling out from the remotest of locations in the world. A VPN will not only allow you accessibility to restricted content but will also protect you from different online threats on your travel.


To sum everything up, there are numerous VPN services for Canada that you can avail. Although Canada does not have a strict policy on restricting your access to various web content (with the exception of pornography), you will still need a VPN for protection against numerous threats.

With a Canadian VPN, you can easily negate these cyber-goons who keep trying to get hold of your personal information and governmental agencies that are always busy in spying on your online activities.

5 Best Canada VPNs in 2017
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Among the vast pool of VPN services that are available in the market, here is our take on the best vpn for Canada that you can buy.
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