Can David Tennant’s ‘Kilgrave’ be the best on-screen Villain, yet?

Ameer Abbas No Comments November 19th, 2015

We are just a day away from Marvel’s Jessica Jones being aired on Netflix and the first few looks of the show look pretty amazing. More precisely, the villain ‘Kilgrave’ has got us all excited about the show. On a side note, if you can’t access Netflix online, then use our guide to watch Jessica Jones online.

Portrayed by ex Dr. Who, David Tennant, Kilgrave would well possibly be the best on-screen comic book villain that we have seen for a very long time. While other villains have a sense of purpose about them which makes them more human in a way, Kilgrave looks totally sinister and unpredictable in the show.

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Known as ‘The Purple Man’ in the comic books, Kilgrave has some sick abilities. He can manipulate others movements using mind control. Along with that, he also has regenerative healing skills, and a very high-intellect.

You’d like to invite me in! Netflix has released a few clips from Marvel’s Jessica Jones and you can see Kilgrave’s mind control abilities excellently depicted in them.

If you think that was brilliant, check out this clip where Kilgrave shows us a grittier and fun side of his abilities while having that same evil demeanor.

With the resounding success of DareDevil earlier this year, we have really high hopes for Marvel’s Jessica Jones. Certainly, David Tennant’s ‘Kilgrave’ has got our attention as there is a whiff of Heath Ledger’s Joker about him (yes that is high praise, we know).

The story looks powerful and with Kilgrave tormenting Jessica Jones, it will be an interesting ride throughout the season.  So don’t forget that the show airs on November 20th and you can binge watch all the episodes on Netflix.

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