PayPal has become one of the most common payment methods to buy VPN online. This is largely due to the security and anonymity the method brings along. Since VPN itself is a privacy & anonymity tool compounding it with a secure payment merchant makes the process even safer if you are a privacy conscious netizen.

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Why Buy VPN with PayPal?

As we mentioned above, PayPal offers secure & anonymous payments using only an email address of the user. Other brilliant benefits of subscribing to VPN with PayPal include:

  1. Free & Easy to sign up to PayPal
  2. There is no cost attached to buy stuff using PayPal
  3. PayPal is compatible to make payments using your bank account, credit & debit cards (M.C., Visa, AMEX, Discover, or e-check) and now the service also offers PayPal Buyer Credit for a nominal fee.
  4. A wide range of VPN providers accept PayPal as an official method.
  5. PayPal offers 100% protection in case your account details are breached.
  6. PayPal gives customers a 100% guarantee to keep their details anonymous, personal data is never shared with any 3rd
  7. Payments process immediately allowing immediate delivery of goods & services.

How to Buy VPN Using PayPal

  • The first thing you will require when buying VPN with PayPal is a PayPal account. To register an account, log-on to the official PayPal website and click the sign-up button located on the top right of the website.
    buy vpn with paypal
  • You will be prompted to choose between a ‘Personal’ or ‘Business’ account, choose your preferred account type.
  • Fill in your email address and desired password
  • Fill in your personal details and compete the PayPal account signup
  • The Final Step will require you to complete card details and that should complete your PayPal sign up process:
  • Once sign up is complete, head over to the ranking table above to buy VPN with your PayPal account.

The Best VPN to Buy with PayPal

Although most providers offer PayPal to buy their VPN service not all of them are premium quality providers. We have summarized the top 2 VPN services that offer PayPal payments for your ease below, you can access other providers from the table above.

  1. PureVPN

PureVPN is a legend amongst VPN providers, a patriarch of the VPN industry and one of the leading providers of privacy across the world. Based out of Hong Kong, PureVPN is known for its vast global network of 550+ servers across 141 countries.

paypay payment methods for vpn

List of PureVPN Payment Methods

You can easily buy PureVPN with PayPal and will find the payment method listed on top of the subscription page. PureVPN is renowned for the mix of brilliant added value features it offers along with the usual VPN subscription including:

  • 80,000+ IP Addresses to connect through
  • P2P & Torrent optimized servers
  • VoIP optimized servers
  • Cutting edge apps for Windows, Mac, iOS & Android
  • 5 Tunneling Protocols for hands on security
  • Absolutely ZERO Logs Policy
  • Multi-device compatibility
  • Military Grade Encryption
  • 5 multi logins with app

You can review, compare and buy PureVPN online with PayPal from our ranking table above.

  1. IvacyVPN

Ivacy VPN has gone through a phenomenal transformation after change of management a couple of years ago. The provider was relocated to Hong Kong due to various copyright and legal implications in other regions. Providing its services with a massive 250+ global server footprint, IvacyVPN is no established in over 40 countries of the world.

IvacyVPN offers the highest standard of data security with 256bit encryption keys & 2048bit certificate authentication. The brand supports P2P File sharing & Torrents, VoIP and HD streaming plus provides optimized servers to ensure high speed service delivery for these needs.

Latest IvacyVPN apps are now available for Windows, Mac, Android, and will soon be available over iOS. Established with a 24/7 customer support service, Ivacy VPN offers detailed guides, troubleshooting blogs and a remote support service in case of advanced problems.

Head over to the IvacyVPN review from our ranking table and buy with PayPal today.

In a Nutshell

PayPal has quickly become a leading & secure payment method to buy VPN with. It is widely available from most VPN providers across the internet due to its brilliant security and fast payment processing. We hope you enjoyed our blog post and it helped you better understand the payment system.

When you are ready to buy VPN with PayPal head over to the provider table above and review the top 5 privacy services. Remember to comment what you thought about our blog, share with friends and let others know how to buy VPN with PayPal, alternatively find us on twitter @VPNBest for feedback.

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