BTGuard Review 2017 – Does Your Torrenting Activity Stay Anonymous?

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What is BTGuard?

Established in 2008, BTGuard is a Canadian-based BitTorrent proxy and VPN service provider. It allows users to run their torrent traffic through an anonymization service that installs on your BitTorrent client. This makes it a reliable choice for many P2P/Torrenting customers requiring complete privacy. The service also caters to the needs of encrypting your browsing traffic via PPTP and OpenVPN protocols. However, there is a little confusion regarding the PRIVACY offered. For more information, read this comprehensive BTGuard review below:

1.       256-Bit AES Encryption

2.       BitTorrent Proxy Service

1.       Overpriced VPN service

2.       Doesn’t unblock Netflix

3.       Weak OpenVPN handshake

4.       Average customer support

5.       No Dedicated Apps


BTGuard Pricing Review

Btguard Pricing Review

Our BTGuard review unveils that the service offers two different packages for users. The first is a BitTorrent Proxy that is available for $6.95 per month. If you opt for the 3-months option, you receive a 5% discount. This means, you only pay $19.95. For the six-month package, you pay $34.95. If you choose the 12-months plan, you receive a 25% discount. This means, you only pay $59.95 on an annual-basis.

The second package is for a VPN service priced at $9.95 per month. This plan secures you entire internet connection, allowing you to become anonymous on the internet. The 3-months plan gives you a $5 discount, which means you pay $27.95. For the six-month package, you pay $49.95. The 12-month plan is available for $89.95, as you receive an amazing 25% discount.


BitTorrent Proxy

As the name implies, this plan targets BitTorrent users, who need an appropriate service for P2P/Torrenting. After signing up with the service, you need to download and install the .exe file from the Members area. This process will load pre-configured proxy details into the BitTorrent client. It will require you to enter you username and password.

If the installation process does not work, our BTGuard review discovers that the service even offers guides for manually configuring a variety of torrent clients with its proxy service. This includes uTorrent and Vuze. However, it is imperative to consider that $6.96 proves is an expensive price to pay just for a BitTorrent proxy – as you can get a full VPN service elsewhere for the same cost.


BTGuard VPN Service

Our BTGuard review unveils that the service even offers a VPN that costs around $9.95 per month. This allows you to secure your entire internet connection and traffic rather than just configuring your BitTorrent client for anonymity. If you want to leverage cheaper pricing, the plan is available at a reduced rate of three, six, and twelve-month subscriptions.

However, the pricing seems to be quite unreasonable, as you only gain access to three VPN servers. The VPN itself lacks plenty of reliable features like DNS Leak Prevention and Kill Switch. There are plenty of other reliable services like PureVPN,, ExpressVPN and ZenMate, which offer better capability for reduced costs to customers. Therefore, our BTGuard review establishes the VPN is pretty much a rip off.


BTGuard Free Review

According to our BTGuard review, the service does not offer a free trial to its prospective customers. This is quite surprising, as the service proves to be quite pricey. This means, if you wish to use BTGuard’s BitTorrent Proxy or VPN, you will have to pay for the subscription. There is no other way for you test the capability of the product.


BTGuard Accepted Payment Methods

Diversity in payment methods is essential for any SaaS, as customers from over the world have different providers for processing transactions. Our BTGuard review unveils that although the service does not support a huge list of methods, it does accept most popular options. This may include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal. If you want to leverage complete anonymity, you even have Bitcoin available as an option.

BTGuard Payment Methods


BTGuard Refund/Money Back Guarantee Review

It is bad enough that the service does not offer a free trial. To top it off, there is nothing like a money back guarantee as well. This means, you have no way to try out the service, without you spending some cash. When compared to other more reliable VPN options in the marketplace, this definitely puts BTGuard on the list of less likeable services.


BTGuard Servers Review

Our BTGuard review unwinds that the service only offers servers in three locations. This is very shocking, as the VPN subscription is available for a high price of $9.95. Users can only connect to servers located in Singapore, Netherlands, and Canada. This means, you can only use the service to stay anonymous, but it is useless for unblocking purposes. Users will not be able to access the US Netflix or UK’s BBC iPlayer.


BTGuard Privacy and Security

According to our BTGuard review, the website of the service seems to have many dark corners. There is not much information available regarding the features you receive, the privacy policy page is incredibly short and incomplete, and there is no details about the company itself. Although their BitTorrent proxy service seems to be quite reliable, there is not much guarantee about the security of their VPN product.


BTGuard Protocols Review

In terms of protocols, our BTGuard review discovers that the service only supports OpenVPN and PPTP connections. By default, if you want to use the VPN, you need to create a personal connection in your PC manually. However, you can also use OpenVPN GUI or any other third-party software for loading configuration files and receive end-to-end security for your torrenting, emailing, FTP and VOIP sessions with AES 256-Bit encryption.


BTGuard Torrenting/P2P Review

As a BitTorrent Proxy service, you can expect to receive quality Torrenting/P2P support from BTGuard. You can even use its VPN product to bypass internet restrictions and download/share as many torrents as you want. The pre-configured DNS and VPN settings in the BitTorrent client also ensure your torrent traffic remains private and anonymous.


Is BTGuard Safe?’

During our BTGuard review, we explored all pages of the site to determine its level of safety. Things were a little tough to understand, as majority of the pages had almost no or incomplete information. The Privacy Policy page seems to be unreasonably short and does not provide much insight into what details it collects/stores.

It just mentions the use of retaining certain “personal information” with the permission of users, but there is no detail as to what specific info they record. The service further states that it is committed to protecting users’ privacy and does not sell, trade, or rent your personal info to governmental agencies or third-party services.

After all this uncertainty, BTGuard writes in bold that the service does not collect customer usage data or internet protocol addresses. We are not exactly sure what to make of this inconsistent and incomplete information. However, trusting the service is completely up to a prospective customer’s comfort level.


BTGuard Support Review

According to our BTGuard review, the service offers quite the helpful support system. While there is no live chat available, you do have plenty of options for figuring out VPN or BitTorrent Proxy related problems. If you click on the Support tab, you will gain access to a list of assistance options. These include VPN setup instructions, proxy setup instructions, FAQs, contact support, and contact sales.

BTGuard Support Review

If you click on the first option, the site will redirect you to a “Wiki” page. Here you will receive detailed setup guides for configuring the VPN service on a variety of platforms, which include all versions of Windows, Mac, Linux, Ubuntu, Android, iOS, Tomato, DD-WRT supported devices, and Chrome OS.

btguard wiki page

Clicking on the second option also redirects you to a Wiki page that primarily focuses on setting up the BitTorrent Proxy service on a variety of platforms. However, the support is only restricted to all versions of Android, Mac OS, and Windows.

btguard apps

The third option redirects you to a list of all the common questions asked by users and their relevant responses from BTGuard itself. You can easily learn how to use the service by looking at this basic support page, which also guides you regarding simple problems.

btguard faqs

If you want to gain access to more advanced support with detailed articles/blogs and specific threads made by community members, you can visit BTGuard’s knowledgebase. Here you can find all information concerning basic and expert level configuring and modification of the BitTorrent and VPN service.

btguard tickets


BTGuard Apps Compatibility Review

In terms of compatibility, our BTGuard review discovers that the service does not offer dedicated apps for any platform or device. You do have a micro-torrent application available that is pre-configured to work with uTorrent. However, this varies depending on the operating system you are using. Generally, if you want to use BTGuard, you must rely on third-party OpenVPN configuration file loaders.

There is also an option to establish a connection via traditional PPTP connection in most operating systems. However, if you want to use the VPN on Android, iOS, Ubuntu, Linux and Mac OS, you will have to configure manually. The service offers plenty of VPN and Proxy service setup guides for a huge list of OS and devices.


BTGuard Download

As mentioned earlier, users do not have the ability of downloading dedicated applications for varied OS and devices. However, if you have subscribed with the BitTorrent Proxy service and click on the “members” tab, you will gain access to download files. These are pre-configured micro-torrent applications, optimized to work on uTorrent, BitTorrent, and Vuze. Typically, they protect your torrent traffic from being visible to governmental entities and local ISPs.

BTGuard Download


BTGuard Mac Setup

Our BTGuard review unveils that you can easily setup the VPN on Mac OS manually. You can do so via two processes. You can create a custom PPTP connection from the network settings of your Mac OS, or you can use a third-party software like Tunnelblick to load OpenVPN configuration files that just require a username and password for establishing connection. Here is a detailed guide provided by the service for setting up BTGuard on Mac.


BTGuard Alternatives

After considering the list of servers, reliability, customer support, and compatibility offered by BTGuard, it is clear that you have plenty of other alternatives available in the marketplace. If you are looking to spend money, you might want to consider signing up for top services like PureVPN, ExpressVPN, HideMyAss, Hotspot Shield, and Ivacy.


Final Verdict

Our BTGuard review establishes that the service is a good choice for those who want to download torrents securely. The service adapts to your torrenting needs and masks your IP effectively to access downloading services. However, the VPN product lacks dedicated applications and the prices for their services are too high. You can definitely find better compatibility with other more reliable VPN services.

The Good

  1. Accepts Bitcoin
  2. 256-bit AES encryption
  3. Unlimited Bandwidth and Speed

The Bad

  1. No Free Trial
  2. Expensive service
  3. Lacks refund guarantee
  4. No Dedicated Apps
  5. Average customer support
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