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Blockless Introduction – Is Blockless a VPN?

Blockless is a Canada based VPN & Smart DNS provider now offering its services to over 500,000 users’ across the world. Blockless establishes its service on the principles online privacy, safety and freedom. Our first ever Blockless review will evaluate the provider’s service features to determine where the brand stands amongst other players in the VPN industry.


blockless account


What Is A Blockless Account?


Blockless provides both VPN and Smart DNS services now as mentioned above. The Blockless VPN account is your passport to a secure, anonymous and private online experience.

Signing up to a Blockless account is free, simple and requires just an email address (can be a pseudo). Once signed up you can download the relevant app for your PC or Mac from the website. The Blockless account gives you:

  1. Bank Level Encryption
  2. Absolutely No Activity Logs
  3. Built in ad-blocker
  4. One click region switching
  5. Multi-platform support


Blockless Unique Selling Features


Blockless establishes its competency by providing users’ the complete streaming experience. The provider powers your online privacy using a mix of conventional VPN tools, a built in ad-blocker to keep 3rd party marketers away, and offer you high speed browsing with a click.


Blockless VPN Subscriptions & Pricing Review


Blockless vpn has its services in 3 denominations with all premium features available across all three packages. The pricing plans include:

  1. Monthly Subscription @ $9.95 (payable per month)
  2. Semi Annual Subscription @ $8.95 ($53.70 payable every 6months)
  3. Annual Subscription @ $7.50($89.95 payable every 6 months)


blockless vpn pricing and packages subscriptions

All three plans come loaded with the full Blockless service bundle including:

  1. Access to all 14 Server Locations
  2. Built in Advanced Ad-Blocker
  3. Connect 5 devices simultaneously
  4. Free Smart DNS for Streaming
  5. No activity logging
  6. Apps available for Chrome (Smart DNS),Windows, Mac, iOS & Android
  7. AES-256 bit Data Encryption


Blockless Servers Review


Currently Blockless vpn equipped with servers in 14 countries including the US, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, and Australia. You also have the option to choose between Speed Optimized& Torrent Optimized servers.


blockless servers coverage


Blockless Speed Test


blockless speed test


5.5 Mbps (downloading speed) on 10 Mbps broadband connection while connected to USA Server. Speed tells you all and its not the Chinese proverb 🙂 .


Blockless Customer Support Review


Blockless vpn support through two channels:

  1. Website FAQ & Guides
  2. Email Ticket System

blockless customer support services


The website FAQ is the best place to find relevant information on how to install Blockless, App FAQs, SmartDNS, Billing & Accounts and other service relates issues. The FAQ support section is well designed and has a very user friendly interface providing most important resources. FAQs are categorized and are very well written making them really easy for beginners.

blockless technical support

The Email Ticket System can be found within the FAQ section in case you cannot find the solution to your issue. The superb interactive ticket system allows users to provide details to the brilliantly designed interface in complete detail. Even with all the amazing support features, Blockless does not offer a live chat feature for instant support. If you google blockless review, you will find other outdated ones claiming that blockless also has live chat, which is false.


Blockless Payment Methods Review


Blockless accepts simple & universal payment methods for subscriptions, namely:


blockless payment methods


  1. Credit Cards / Debit Cards (VISA, American Express, Discover & MasterCard)
  2. PayPal


More methods would be appreciated given there are no anonymous merchants that Blockless vpn required for subscriptions. It’s best to mention now that Blockless has a very stern refund policy (read this further blockless review and find deep insights on logging, refund policy below), they do not refund yearly subscriptions once you have used the service. Various user testimonials on social media are proof of the case, so we do want you to take care if subscribing for the yearly or 6 month plan.


Blockless Apps And Devices Compatibility


Blockless vpn offers both VPN & SmartDNS services to subscribers, to make this possible Blockless apps are available over:

blockless apps and devices compatibility


  1. Windows
  2. Mac
  3. iOS
  4. Android
  5. Chrome Extension (SmartDNS only)
  6. PlayStation & Xbox Consoles
  7. Smart TVs
  8. Streaming Boxes (ROKU, AppleTV etc.)
  9. Routers (selected manufacturers only)


Blockless Windows Apps


You can download the relevant Blockless app for your device from the official website and mobile apps from their respective app store.

The Windows app is really well designed, with one click connectivity, and comes with a minimal user interface so you don’t have to worry about manually configuring any setting. The Blockless app doesn’t offer any settings or options for that matter, so you have no idea what tunneling protocol you are using. You will also have a big issue shutting down the app, at times it gets stuck before shutting down.


blockless windows software


Blockless VPN Android App


The Android version of Blockless VPN is a miniature version of its Windows counterpart. Blockless for Android is designed to be simple and gentle on your smartphone memory. One aspect I really loved was that it didn’t affect my phone performance even with 11 other apps running at the same time.


blockless android apk

The Blockless Android app does have an issue connecting but sorts itself out after a restart. Like other Blockless apps, the Blockless Android app does not have any configuration options to change protocols or tweak other settings. The speed on my mobile device was very good but this evaluation is based on tests in controlled conditions.


Blockless Protocols And Encryption


According to the Blockless website the provider uses Bank Level Encryption or more precisely AES-256 bit encryption. After careful blockless review of guides and tutorials, I noticed that Blockless only offers PPTP tunneling with its Windows & Android apps.


Blockless Logging And Privacy Policy Review


Blockless claims absolutely no activity logging but the brand tends to collect a pile of data on all its customers. The Privacy Policy identifies that the following information is collected on registration & when using the service:

  1. Your first and last names;
  2. Your contact information (such as your personal or work e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, or both, and mailing address);
  3. IP address;
  4. Credit card information; and
  5. Any other information which you may provide to us at any time

Although Blockless boldly claims that no activity logs are kept, here is what the policy claims later on:

“… For the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy, we or one of our affiliates or an unaffiliated service provider may process and store your personal information outside of the province in which you reside and/or outside of Canada, and under the laws of those other jurisdictions, in certain circumstances courts, law enforcement agencies, regulatory agencies or security authorities in those other provinces or foreign jurisdictions may be entitled to access your personal information…”

Since Blockless is based in Canada it is under the very keen eye of the NSA due to Canada’s participation in the Five Eyes Initiative. This basically means Blockless retains your activates and has all logs of your personal activities when online.


Blockless Free Trial


Blockless vpn offers a full feature 7 days trial to all subscribers after which the service is tuned down to a limited feature free version. You can avail the 7 days trial by registering on Blockless VPN’s official website.


Reviewer’s Verdict


After careful consideration and blockless review, I rank the service a pretty average 1.5 out of 5.

Blockless is a great option if your only requirement is to unblock streaming websites in selected regions on various devices.

Blockless does not offer a complete VPN solution and uses dodgy marketing to sell a SmartDNS service as a VPN I could not give it any more points that I did. Since SmartDNS offers no encryption or tunneling protocols to secure you online, there is no security for thousands of users already using Blockless.

The pricing for Blockless is too steep given there are only 14 locations to connect to. This compounded with the fact that the provider is offering apps without security is a serious issue for subscribers &prospects alike.

The horrendous privacy policy is no prize at this point either. After claiming that no activities are logged, the policy claims that personal data will be logged and handed over to authorities in certain cases. The provider fails to explain why and against what evidence they will give away customers’ personal data.

The Windows app has a few issues and fails to shut down properly. My system freezes for 15 seconds every time I turn off the app. The Android app however is better, but we have no idea if we are protected or not. The absence of settings in their apps is most disappointing as it gives you no idea about tunneling, encryption or support.

Yes, Blockless is good for streaming geo-restricted video but is a very bad option in case you wish to download torrents or use it for work. I would suggest have a look at other comparable services including PureVPN, ExpressVPN or NordVPN.


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