Transmission BitTorrent Client for Mac Infected by Ransomware

Ameer Abbas No Comments March 7th, 2016

Update: Bad Rabbit Ransomware Attack Spreads Worldwide

Over the years we have seen many operating systems being infected by various malware and other malicious programs but never have we seen a ransomware on Mac. However, all that has changed last weekend when a message being shown on Transmission’s website warned OSX users that their BitTorrent client version 2.90 might be infect with a malware.

The malware in question is more specifically a ransomware. This malicious program encrypts certain parts of your computer (mainly hard disk) without your knowledge and requires payment to the attackers for decrypting it.

In this case, the attackers demand payment via BitCoin and promise to decrypt part of the system that has been infected by the ransomware. According to TorrentFreak, the attackers of the ransomware demand one BitCoin as payment (which roughly translate into $400) to a specific address and recover your files.

The malware identified by Transmission is by the name of ‘OSX.KeRanger.A’ in its BitTorrent client. Transmission is now promoting all its 2.90 and 2.91 Bittorrent client users to upgrade to the latest 2.92 version. This upgrade stops the malware KeRanger and automatically removes the malware from your system. Here is a warning being displayed on their official website:

BitTorrent Client for Mac Infected by Ransomware

Transmission has been a long serving BitTorrent client and is one of the most used, especially in the case of Mac users. With over a million active users and operating in the industry for over a decade, this is perhaps a major setback for the service.

Apple has also been informed about the new malware infestation into its OSX. It has revoked the abuse certificates and also has updated its XProtect antivirus signature base.

So if you are a Transmission BitTorrent client user, then we advise you to upgrade the software to the latest 2.92 version and check for any file with the name of ‘KeRanger’ in your Mac system.

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