Online video & music streaming is taking over with more entertainment available over different Video on Demand (VoD) streaming services than available in most DVD rental stores in your area. Services including Netflix, HBO Now, HULU, FoxTel Play, NowTV, BBC iPlayer, Sky GO, Sling TV and hundreds of others are now the new entertainment portals for the modern cord cutter.

Streaming is not limited to subscription based VoD services either. Every major TV Network and entertainment channel is going online for their viewers. Channels including FOX, ABC, BBC, iTV, Canal+, Sports Net, CBS, NBC and thousands of others are providing both regular & pay-per view programming online.

The one thing that does ruin your streaming experience however are the “geo-restrictions” placed on regional video & music streaming services by copyright owners. The primary reason for these restrictions are the copyright licensing issues of broadcasting TV shows, movies, music albums and live events in countries that don’t comply with the copyright holders demands.

As a VoD fanatic I have always recommended using the best VPN for streaming VoD & live TV:

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Being a fan of HBO’s Game of Thrones series & Last Week Tonight comedy show, it was always an issue getting the episode from torrents and through illegal streaming websites. I simply got a dedicated VPN IP address and have been using HBO Now for 2 years now. I can use the same login on my iPad, my Android Phone and my PC, plus, I have the option to play HBO Now on 2 devices simultaneously.

Game of Thrones

Best VPN for Streaming Movies

Leading VoD services including Netflix, HBO, HULU, FOXTEL Play, Sky Go, Sling TV, Now TV and many others are geo-restricted to their respective regions. This simply means that you will not be able to access any US based video streaming services like Netflix, Fox, HBO etc. if located outside the country.

A streaming VPN allows you to instantly bypass these geo restrictions and start watching your favorite movies from anywhere using any movie streaming service in the world. For instance, if you wish you watch movies using Netflix US, connect your streaming VPN service to a US based server and unblock the full US Netflix library without having to register another account.

There are however some factors to consider before committing to a VPN service. We have listed these criteria as follows:

  • The number of VPN streaming servers available in strategic locations.

The best streaming VPN providers ensure their servers are placed in the most strategic locations for subscribes to easily unblock their favorite services. Usually servers in UK, USA, Australia, Germany, France and Canada are famous when unblocking streaming services with VPN.

Always review your streaming VPN provider and check how many servers they offer in regions you need to watch movies in.

  • The streaming VPN speed & server infrastructure

Any leading streaming VPN service must offer a high speed server backbone to ensure users’ get the highest possible bandwidth when streaming movies online. This is highly reliant on the quality of the servers, their available speed and distance from the VPN users.

Always test your streaming VPN before committing in the long run. Test the VPN speed over YouTube or download a small torrent file (10-20 MB) for example. Also test your VPN speed using flash based speed testing service like Ookla.

  • Apps for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android for ease of use

A provider that offers you compatible apps on commonly used operating systems is an ideal streaming VPN service. Having the ability to use the service on desktops like Windows, Mac and Linux enhances ease of use.

Then there is always the possibility that you may need to watch movies on your phone too. Providers including PureVPN, ExpressVPN and NordVPN all offer dedicated apps for iOS and Android so you are never left hanging when streaming your favorite VoD services.

  • Customer support

Live support can be crucial in times technical or local device issues. In case you have to retrieve passwords, setup the streaming VPN manually on devices, payment issues or queries customer support can help you out live through chat, email, telephone, and in some cases live video.

Checkout our reviews of the best streaming VPN services above, test out the services using the free trials or in some cases money back guarantees. Read valuable customer insights and criticism to make up your mind, plus leave a review in the comments section to let others know too.


 VPN for Streaming Netflix

Netflix is undoubtedly one of the best VoD streaming services in the world. Netflix Inc. now offers libraries for some 210+ countries. However, there are massive gaps in the content delivered by Netflix USA and other regional libraries. Netflix USA is the biggest library unlike all libraries and provides 7000+ TV shows & movies.

A streaming VPN Netflix simply allows users’ to connect using a US IP address, and browse through the US library rather than watching your local library. To use the US Netflix library, here is what you do:


  1. Connect Streaming VPN to a US VPN server

Best VPN for Streaming

  1. Go to your web browser and clear cookies

Streaming VPN Guide

  1. Go to, you should now be directed to the US Netflix Library

Unblocking Netflix

Now I can use the US Netflix Library from my country without having to worry about getting restricted or have to use my local library which only offers 1200 titles and no Netflix original shows.


Best VPN for Streaming TV & Online Radio

Watching cable TV has been a great experience over the years but as “cord cutting” (cancelling cable TV for online TV) becomes the trend of the age, streaming VPN are becoming necessary for netizens.

Streaming TV Channels and Radio

Since live TV shows are being streamed live they require a high speed streaming VPN to ensure stable picture quality without video buffering. You will also have to consider data encryption being used by the provider. Following are some factors to consider when looking for the best streaming VPN to watch live TV:

  • Too strong encryption 256bit and above is not recommended, consider 128bit or no encryption
  • Optimized streaming VPN servers for live TV (always test before buying)
  • Apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android
  • A high speed internet connection (10 MBPS and above recommended, streaming quality may differ for slower connections)


VPN Streaming for Sports


Sports fanatics usually face geo-restrictions when to watch their favorite sports live. Events including WWE, UFC, and NBA etc. are all subjected to local restrictions. The best VPN for streaming sports allow subscribers to watch football, cricket, Olympics, wrestling, UFC and many other live events in full high definition quality without annoying pauses during playback.

Since every second in sports is crucial missing out on a goal, a touchdown, a great 3 pointer, a photo finish or a wrestling slam can be fun kill. A high speed streaming VPN service ensures your TV stream is high quality and very stable.


Best VPN for Streaming Kodi


Kodi is a favorite amongst netizens who love streaming content without having to go through subscription services. The platform uses various video add-ons that provide sports, movies and TV shows through various Kodi repositories. While all these free channels are available to watch at a click, geo-restrictions deny access to videos hosted in US, Europe, UK and Australia.

A streaming VPN for kodi can once again sort censorship issue for both PC and mobile users’. You can test different services to find the best streaming VPN service for your Kodi media desktop. I use two different VPN (ExpressVPN for USA and PureVPN for UK & Europe) with my Kodi and they both work absolutely fine.


In a Nutshell

We hope you learnt the importance of streaming VPN when it comes to bypassing geo-restrictions placed on leading video streaming services. Access our 5 best streaming VPN reviews and test them using their exclusive free trials or money back offers.

In case you have any queries just drop us a comment below and do remember to add us on Twitter @VPN best.


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