Ranked number 10 by USAToday in their top 10 ranking for countries with the most censored internet, Turkmenistan truly has a unique cyberspace. The only internet service provider in the country is … yes you guessed it, the government of Turkmenistan.

The government’s control over media & the internet is so draconian that after publishing a detailed report on the country in 2004 Freedom on Net have also failed to rank Turkmenistan’s internet. Turkmenistan’s governing surveillance & censorship laws are inadequate with a least or no oversight. One law in the country dictates that internet will be classes in the upper echelons to keep it out of reach of the ordinary citizen, making it practically impossible to buy.

The Turkmenistan government restricts access to most websites, monitors emails on Google, Yahoo&Hotmail, user Trojans & hacks, monitor digital communication, collect user data in bulk, and monitor social networks. The censorship is at such extremes we were unable to find evidence of this censorship, no user comments or Turkmenistan citizen testimonies were available online. Users found guilty of bypassing cyber laws are punished with heavy penalties.

How Turkmenistan VPN Works?

Given they have internet available Turkmenistan netizens can secure their personal data, digital communications,email accounts and web browsing from the government monitoring & surveillance with a Virtual Private Network or VPN.

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A VPN by definition means software that allows you to secure your public internet connection and convert it into a private internet connection. VPN for Turkmenistan addresses two very crucial issues for users’which include:

  1. Securing the original IP address & location
  2. Securing the browsing data by making it unreadable

Without a VPN anyone can listen on your network, access devices, steal data, install Trojans & viruses plus monitor all your online activities.

Once under the Turkmenistan VPN’s security the government will not be able to lock on to your location, extract data from your device or your online activities. The added layer of security using military grade encryption all data transfers including emails, WhatsApp, social posts, torrents and file transfers are ciphered making them unreadable for anyone.

Unblock Social Media in Turkmenistan with VPN

When accessing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and hundreds of other social platforms, always have a VPN for Turkmenistan running. The first thing that the Turkmenistan VPN achieves is completely hiding your IP address.So no matter which social platform you are on,interact with peace of mind with VPN.

Using leading edge tunneling protocols, the best Turkmenistan VPN servicesallow you to

It is also advisable to subscribe to a VPN that offers a dedicated mobile and desktop app. Having apps on both and mobile & PC ensures that no matter what platform or device you are on, your emails are always protected while your device get an added layer of security.

unblock social media in turkmenistan

Access Internet Safely with Turkmenistan VPN

Since the Turkmenistan government keeps users under strict monitoring and even makes it difficult to use email spying on netizens at will.Internet users in Turkmenistan must therefore always consider using a VPN service, ensuring that their online activities are encrypted &hidden.

secure internet in turkmenistan

Email Securely with Turkmenistan VPN

A Turkmenistan VPN is essential for securing email accounts since the government actively spies on and infiltrates personal email accounts without proper legislation or judicial process. The serious thing here is you don’t know when the Turkmenistan government accesses your email and what they take away. The easiest solution for this is to have a VPN running everytime you are using email.

The most essential VPN feature that secures your email is data encryption. This unique ciphering technology converts all the text in your email, the sender & receiver names and other connection data into alphanumeric code. The following diagram explains encryption:

best Turkmenistan vpn

If you look at the diagram closely, the VPN encrypts your message in alphanumeric code, only decrypting or decoding the message when it has reached the recipient. This simple little tool can prove to be decisive in protecting your critical emails and data.

The Best Turkmenistan VPN for iPhone

The iPhone is a favorite amongst millennials and the new Generation Z. Since the iPhone was officially hacked by the FBI this year, it has become a seriously vulnerable device that sends device location and data to the FBI in real time wherever you are.

best turkmenistan vpn for iphone

Having a VPN on your iPhone is now a prerequisite for better data security and online privacy. Since Turkmenistan has a similar regime that snoops on citizens, illegally monitors online activities and retains user data, VPN are by far the most useful tool to unblock websites in Turkmenistan.

There is a huge range of VPN serving privacy tools for Turkmenistan. Three of the best VPN providers for Turkmenistan include:

  1. Ivacy VPN
  2. ExpressVPN
  3. NordVPN

When considering an iPhoneVPN for Turkmenistan there are certainfeatures you must consider, since there are limitations to what the iPhone can and cannot do.Here are some Turkmenistan VPN features to analyze:

  1. Server Network

A Turkmenistan VPN with a worldwide server network is a mustsince it gives you the option to connect to a range of regions. Top locations used by VPN users include USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Sweden, Belgium, Singapore, Australia, Canada and many others.

  1. Desktop & Mobile apps

The best VPN for Turkmenistanwill generallyoffer both desktop (Windows, Linux & Mac) and mobile apps(Android &iOS).Most VPN providers even offer multiple logins with one account allowing netizens to protect multiple devices at the same time.

The use of VPN mobile apps has definitely increased after the advent of smartphones and the activities you can perform on them. Securing Facebook, Twitter, Emails, Instagram, online banking and other private apps is just a click away with the best Turkmenistan VPN.

  1. Tunneling Protocols

Tunneling protocols are a big issue with the iPhone after the release of iOS 10 in which the company removed PPTP from its list of protocols. Now,users have a choice between IKEV2, IPSec and L2TP protocols.

So, when going VPN shopping remember to confirm if your provider offersthe above mentioned tunneling protocols. Do remember that not all protocols will be available to use with the VPN app, you will have to configure it manually.

  1. Customer Support

Probably one of the most important features taken for granted is the customer support offered by your VPN provider. Only the best VPN for Turkmenistan will offer great customer support, this coupled with 24/7/365 live help is a brilliant prospect for any VPN user.

Usually, support is offered through email, live chat, phone and remote assistance (Skype). A Turkmenistan VPN provider with all of these will probably be your top choice. Never underestimate the power of good customer service and online support.

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