If you are about to travel on a vacation trip or for business purposes, you will most certainly use the internet. Not having internet while traveling is unthinkable as how will you stay in touch with your friends and family, upload pictures on social media, or perhaps send an email. When you do use the internet, you need to beware of the dangers that accompany it.

The World Wide Web is not the safest place you once thought it would be. Using public Wi-Fi and other internet access points that you are unfamiliar with exposes you to numerous threats.

You run the risk of leaking your personal information and sensitive data in the wrong hands; you might be unable to access various websites that perhaps work in your homeland, and your online privacy can be breached by malicious goons.

To protect against such online threats while you travel, it is vital that you use a VPN. It will keep you safe and anonymous as you surf the web and you would not have to worry about your online security while enjoying your trip.

5 Best VPN for Travelers

There are different VPN services to choose from but not all VPN’s are build for traveling purposes. Here are some of the best VPN for travelers that will provide complete security, internet accessibility, online privacy, and other added benefits as you travel abroad.

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Reasons for Using a VPN for Travelers

If you are still not convinced that you need a VPN for traveling, then let us give you some reasons why you should be using a VPN while traveling.

Protection of Sensitive & Private Information

As you connect to public Wi-Fi or other unsecure internet connections, you are exposed to the risk of data theft. There are various cyber-goons like hackers, phishes, spammers, snoopers, malware, and other malicious groups there that are looking to exploit your private and sensitive information such as passwords, account details, financial data, and more.

These cyber-goons will infiltrate your PC, Smartphone, or any device and look to take advantage of your information. Using a VPN, you can protect your data as your data is encrypted and tunneled through secure protocols, keeping it safe from such cyber criminals.

Remain Anonymous over the Web

When you travel abroad, there are various entities spying on you. There are surveillance agencies that track and monitor your every move. The moment you land in such countries, your privacy is invaded and everything you do over the internet may get recorded.

With the help of a VPN service, you can remain anonymous and protect your privacy. A VPN for travelers will cloak IP address and replace it with one of its own; making you invisible to surveillance and spy agencies.

Unblock Geo Restricted Websites

There are numerous websites that cannot be accessed from anywhere in the world. These websites are subject to geo restrictions and will only open in restricted locations. So if you have a Netflix, Hulu or Amazon subscription and want to watch your favorite TV show or movie while traveling, you will not be able to access these websites without a VPN. The wide server spread offered by a VPN allows you to bypass these geo restrictions and unblock such websites.

Bypass Internet Censorship

Countries such as China, Burma, Turkey, and Middle Eastern and Asian Countries have blocked access to various websites and media streams through internet censorship laws. These restrictions are placed to stop public disorder or any anti-governmental activity.

The blocked websites include social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, online forums, blogs, YouTube, Google network and many more. With the help of a VPN for travelers, you can access these websites and unblock them by connecting to different servers provided by a VPN.

Access Online Banking while Traveling

We all know that it is a good practice to inform your bank and credit card company before you travel abroad. However, if you forget to do so, you don’t need to worry about your account being blocked.

You can use a VPN and connect to your homeland country server to access your bank account and make online transactions. For instance, if you are traveling to UAE and forgot to inform you bank, you can use a VPN and access your online bank account without the fear of it being blocked.

Save Money on Hotels & Airfare using a VPN

Now that you know some of the reasons for using VPN while traveling, here is an added benefit of a VPN. You can save money on airline tickets, hotels, and car rental services.

Airfares vary across different countries and depend on your geographic location. Different travel websites use cookies to track your IP address and then advertise airfares based on where you live. For instance, if you live in New York, you might be charged a higher price for a trip from US to France compared to someone who lives in Albuquerque.

You can get the best deals at low prices using a VPN. By connecting to servers located in regions where low airfares are offered, you are able to trick the travel agencies and appear as if you are situated there. This way you save money on airfares and get the best deals with a VPN for travelers. Similarly, you can avail best deals on hotels by changing your geographic location using a VPN.

Note: Here is a complete guide (with evidence) on how you can save money on airfare, hotels, and car rental services. 


Traveling to different locations is meant to be fun and exciting. The last thing you want to worry about is your online privacy and security while you travel. However, in today’s time, you have to take preventive measures and safeguard your privacy and confidential data against different online threats.

A VPN for traveling takes care of all your worries as it protects your privacy against surveillance agencies, safeguards you from data theft and fraud, allows you to access geo restricted and blocked websites, and helps you to save money on airfares.

We have listed some of the best VPN for travelers and selecting from anyone of them will allow you to enjoy your trip while keeping your online security intact. So as you get ready for your trip and start packing your bags, don’t forget to take along a VPN with you.

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