Internet in Thailand is heavily policed by the federal bodies and surveillance agencies.  Moreover, the Thai government has been accused several times for conducting mass surveillance over the internet to keep track of netizens and their online activities.

According to an article published on TechDirt, the Thai government tracks down netizens that read or search anything that the Thai king does not like. Anyone caught by the Thai government could face severe penalties such as jail time.

Not just that, back in April, 2007, the Thai government blocked YouTube throughout Thailand over a 44 second video clip featuring memes of the country’s most admired King, Bhumibol Adulyadej. The crackdown by the government is relentless in Thailand; various news websites have also been shutdown. So how do you reclaim your internet freedom and online privacy in Thailand?

Best VPN for Thailand

The answer, use a VPN for Thailand. There are various VPN services you can choose from. To help you selected, we have listed the top 5 VPNs for Thailand you can use.

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What Is A Thai VPN?

A VPN, or a Virtual Private Network, is an internet security tool that offers anonymity and security to its users. A Thai VPN does this by tunneling the user’s connection and encrypting the user’s data packets into alpha-numeric binary codes.

After your connection is secured by a Thai VPN, hackers, snoopers and surveillance agencies find it hard to track you or your activity, thus enabling you to enjoy the internet in complete freedom and anonymity.

What to Look For In VPN for Thailand?

In order to select the best Thailand VPN, you need to ensure that certain components are existent in the Thai VPN you’re looking forward to purchase. Here is a list of these components:


Protocols are the reason why Thai VPN software is able to encrypt data packets into Alpha-Numeric Binary Codes. There are multiple protocols for multiple purposes; here are some of these protocols that are available in Thailand VPN software:

  • OpenVPN: Developed on the open-source engine, OpenSSL, OpenVPN is one of the known protocols in the world of networking for its utmost level of security and privacy. It offers 256bits encryption and uses the AES encryption method rather than the old, washed-up blowfish method. This protocol is ideal for users who are looking forward to be secure and anonymous over the internet.
  • SSTP: Making its debut in the Windows Vista Service Pack 1, SSTP is the safest protocol out of all due to the fact it’s based on https port 443. Just like OpenVPN, it offers 256bits of encryption and utilizes the AES encryption method. This protocol is another alternative for users looking forward to be secure and anonymous over the internet.
  • L2TP/IPSec: L2TP is one of the oldest protocols in the world of networking. L2TP does not offer encryption on its own that’s why it’s usually accompanied with an IPSec key. It’s not blazing fast yet gets the job done when there are no other alternatives left.
  • PPTP: This protocol offers the lowest level of encryption out of all the protocols available in Thai VPN software. This protocol is best suited for streaming media over the internet.

Number of Servers

If you’re looking forward to access geo-restricted media networks and reduce high ping in your online gaming sessions, then you’ll require multiple servers spread across the globe. The best VPN for Thailand will have servers located in major locations such as U.S, UK and Canada.

Stability of Servers

Stability of servers is another important factor in a Thailand VPN. If the servers are not worth your time, then there is no use of spending your dime. The best VPN for Thailand will have positive reviews about the quality of its servers.

Crackdown on Online News Mediums

Now that you know how to protect your privacy and security through a Thailand VPN, here are some facts you need look into why using a VPN is so important.

The Thai government has zero-tolerance for candid news reports and journalism. In compliance to the King’s laws and virtues, the Thai government has banned news sites like “The Daily Mail” and “Asia Sentinel.” Moreover, if you’re not using a Thailand VPN, you will be redirected to a page that will look something like this:

VPN for Thailand

That’s not all! A report on “” shined a light on Thailand’s censorship even more. According to the report, even famous game downloading clients, like Steam, are banned in Thailand. No reasons were provided by the government on why this brutal action was taken, but instead the government added “GamerGate” into the list of banned websites, and the list is still growing even today.

With situations taking regressive routes over the internet, gamers started using Thailand VPN clients in order to enjoy their gaming experience without any interruption or obstacles coming in their way.

Thai Counterpart of “The Great Chinese Firewall”

The Thai government started to initiate fanatic measures by contemplating a hi-tech firewall implemented on their online networks just like the one in China. The Thai Prime Minister, Prayut Chan-o-cha, made sly innuendos about it at various events before, but the plan was put in full effect by the end of 2015.

However, the government debunked its plan of building a single -gateway over the internet after it received massive criticism from human rights activists and online freedom forums. Some say it’s still in practice; some say it’s not. If you ask us, you should avail the benefit of doubt and equip yourself with a Thailand VPN just in case the government is still practicing such methods of mass surveillance.

A Thai VPN service is the definite solution against clever federal surveillance agencies that are always on the move. By connecting to an anonymous server and encrypting your data-packets into Alpha-Numeric Binary Codes, a Thai VPN provides you utmost security and privacy over the internet so that you stay off the radar of such crooked surveillance agencies and their monitoring measures.

Cyber Crime at Its Pinnacle in Thailand

Cybercriminals are gradually dismantling the networks of Thailand following each year. According to the Microsoft Digital Crime Unit, more than 5 million IP Addresses in Thailand are connected to millions of infected servers and PCs, eventually ending up on theft of confidential data of netizens.

As Thailand is one of the top 20 countries affected by cybercrime, many netizens have no way out of the collapsing networks of Thailand, except using a specialized VPN for Thailand. Not only that, according to Pattaya Today, Thailand was targeted in a cyber-theft attack along with other 27 countries in which netizens lost their debit cards and credit cards credential information.

The Heist started when the hackers infiltrated into databases of international banks and managed to make a robbery of approximately $45 million. Such crimes leave your private and confidential information exposed and to protect against them, we suggest that you use a VPN for Thailand.

Malware & Spywares Attacks in Thailand

Malwares and ransomware dominate the virtual world of Thailand. According to the Digital Crimes Unit of Microsoft, Ransomware and Malwares make up about 80% of the cyber theft that takes place in Thailand.

Similarly, in an article published by The Nation, it was indicated that in the near future, there is a probability of malware and spyware attacks that could potentially lead to an accumulated (Public and Corporate) loss of $229 billion in Thailand.

Malware in Thailand

A pie-chart describing the occupation of malware and spywares on Thailand’s Networks

In the second quarter of 2015, malware affected many online banking networks of Thailand. This was one of the largest attacks on online banking in 2015. Plus, Trend Micro, online security software, detected around 17000 malware infection also in the second half of the year. These statistics were also put on display for the public to view in an article published by “Bangkok Post”.

In recent years, malware and spyware attacks are almost inevitable. However, a Thai VPN is the perfect solution against unexpected malware and spyware attacks. Through data encryption and connection tunneling of a Thai VPN, you can add a layer of security and privacy upon yourself on the internet. When you’re protected by a Thai VPN, malwares and spywares find it difficult to break into your network and steal your confidential information.

Thailand VPN for Online Gaming

High-Ping equals to high-blood pressure in online gaming, as it ruins the whole experience for gamers. No gamer in the world would want his KDR (Kill-Death Ratio) affected just because of lag and latency. However, a Thailand VPN is the optimal remedy for this problem.

When you connect to a Thai VPN, your connection is routed through a server that’s close to the gaming server you wish to play in and provide a clear pathway for the data to travel through. Once this connection is established, you can cause havoc on the virtual battlefield without high ping being a problem.

Bypass Geo Restrictions with Thailand VPN

Many prevalent media networks like HBO GO, Pandora and Hulu are inaccessible within Thailand. This is due to the content licenses and copyrights implemented by these media networks. Moreover, if you try to access one of these media networks while residing in Thailand, you’ll be redirected to a webpage that will look something like this:

Thailand VPN

However, with the help of a Thai VPN, you can access these geo restricted media networks in no time. When you connect to a Thai VPN, your connection is tunneled through a server that’s based in the region as same as the media network. Once this procedure is done, you’ll be able to watch seamless media on these media networks without a hassle.

Last Words from US

Here, we have enlightened you about the hardships of being a netizen within Thailand. However, by using a Thailand VPN, you can ensure your online freedom and security in no time. Plus, with the help of a Thai VPN, you can access blocked media networks in a matter of mere seconds.

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