Which is the Best Singapore VPN?

According to “TechInAsia“, the Singaporian government constantly requires major IT companies, like Facebook, Google and Microsoft, to give out information of netizens and their accounts. Even though the government claims that this data will be used to investigate cyber-crime, it is uncertain whether the claims are on point, or if the government is simply implementing the famous western “Big-Brother” formula on Singaporean internet users.

A VPN, or a Virtual Private Network, is an online security tool that prevents hackers, snoops and surveillance agencies from intercepting or infiltrating into your network. A Singapore VPN simply tunnels the user’s connection and converting the user’s online data packets into complicated alpha-numeric binary codes. Once this procedure is done, hackers, snoops and surveillance agencies become incapable of intercepting or infiltrating your network.

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CyberCrime In Singapore

CyberCrime is becoming increasingly dangerous in Singapore with the passage of time. According to a survey conducted by PWC, Cybercrime in Singapore rose from 15% in 2014, to 43% in 2016. Also, these hackers are indiscriminate when it comes to choosing their prey. They have crippled many organizations and netizens with their devious hacking methods.

Vpn for singapore

2016 Cyber Vulnerability Index

Source: Cyber Vulnerability Index compiled by Deloitte

According to the chart above, Singapore was the 5th most vulnerable country against cyber-crime in 2014.

In Singapore, 4 out of 5 adults have been victims of cyber-crime once in their lifetime, even when they totally aware about the true potential of cyber-crimes and their devastating outcome. Unfortunately, the number of victims is increasing each following year.

Malware in Singapore

Malware is a growing concern in Singapore. Last year, the Association of Banks in Singapore reported that smartphone app internet banking users were attacked by a ferocious malware that extracted their online banking credentials. This malware targeted Singaporean Android smartphone users that were making online purchases over the internet using their credit or debit cards.

The malware also disguised itself as a software update for WhatsApp or other social media applications. The malware basically prompted up as a software update and convinced users to download the suggested update. Once activated, the malware asked the user for credit card information, and then retrieved the online banking credentials by intercepting the signals through a SMS verification process.

However, InfoSec experts conclude that the incident, like many other hack attacks that happened in the recent past, may have been avoided if users had been running data encryption. A VPN Singapore service could have helped to prevent such an incident.

What is a VPN for Singapore

As you can see in the image above, A VPN for Singapore creates an anonymous network over the public network, i.e the internet. By the establishment of this anonymous connection, it is impossible to detect and trace your connection over the internet, thus making you safe and secure in the virtual world.

Singapore VPN for Online Gaming

Gamers are constantly troubled by high ping in their online gaming sessions. Many gamers lose multiplayer games because of high ping, as they constantly lag and ruin the momentum of the match. A Gaming VPN for Singapore is the optimal remedy for this issue.

Whenever you start-up a VPN Singapore software, your connection is routed through a VPN server that’s close to the gaming server on which your multiplayer gaming session is being hosted. After this is done, you’ll be able to thrash online competition without a problem all thanks to the lag-free game-play.

Singapore VPN for Accessing Geo-Restricted Media Networks

A lot of prominent media networks are not accessible within Singapore. For example, HBO GO, Hulu, Pandora and Spotify. This is due to the copyright infringement and other policies that diminish the chances of the content being pirated. Moreover, whenever you try to access a media network without using a VPN for Singapore, you will be redirected to a page that will look something like this:

singapore vpn

However, with the help of a VPN for Singapore, you can access such media networks without a problem. All you have to do is to connect to VPN Singapore server that’s based in the same country as the media network (in your case the U.S). After the connection is established, you will be able to view seamless content over your favorite geo-restricted media network within a matter of seconds.

Victimizing under the Label Of “Piracy”

Recently, internet users are being targeted for downloading free media over the internet, and Singapore is also keeping no holds barred. 11 months ago, multiple netizens were sent lawsuits in their email for downloading the movie “Dallas Buyers Club”.

This wasn’t the only incident that occurred. Odex, an anime distribution company in Singapore, legally penalized hundreds of netizens just because they were downloading free anime over the internet. It was later revealed that Odex was targeting internet users to compensate for their dwindling profits. The company was already going downhill because of its low-quality subtitles and interpretation of Japanese anime productions.

The Singaporean government took no action to assist the targeted internet users and the victims of the scheme had to pay heavy fines in order to avoid jail time. The case was a testament to the growing need for online security and anonymity that only a VPN for Singapore can provide.

VPN Singapore for Torrent/P2P Users

If you’re not using a VPN Singapore, then your online activity will be tracked by your ISP (by default). In order to stay anonymous and safe while downloading torrents, you’ll require a VPN Singapore with P2P servers.

When you connect to a VPN Singapore, your data packets are routed through an anonymous network. Plus, the encryption tools in the VPN Singapore converts your data packets into Alpha-numeric codes, a binary language that’s too difficult for a conventional monitoring system to comprehend. Once this procedure is done, your convention will be immune to all types of surveillance methods, thus enabling you to download torrents in full security and privacy.

What To Look For In A VPN Singapore:

Not all VPN Singapores are built to last. In order to select the best VPN for Singapore, you’ll need to ensure that there are certain elements existent in the VPN Singapore you’re looking forward to purchase. To save you ample time, we have deliberately listed down all the components you’ll require in your VPN Singapore service:


Protocols alone are the reason a VPN Singapore is able to encrypt your data packets into Alpha-Numeric binary codes. Multiple protocols have multiple purposes. Here is a list of protocols that you’ll require in your VPN Singapore:


Based on the OpenSSL engine, OpenVPN is one of the most prominent protocols in the world of networking. It offers 256 bits encryption by default and is based on the AES encryption method. This protocol s best for netizens that are looking forward to ensure their privacy and security over the internet.


PPTP is probably one of the oldest protocols in the world of networking. However, its encryption methods are played-out and is holds no relevancy in today’s virtual world where hackers and malware are lurking at every corner. We recommend you use this protocol whenever online media streaming is your top priority.


Introduced in the Windows Vista Service Pack 1, SSTP is probably the safest protocol to use due to its https port 443 integration. Just like OpenVPN, SSTP offers 256 bits encryption and is based on the AES encryption method. This another protocol that can be utilized by netizens who want to see themselves secure and private over the internet.


L2TP is another protocol which is quite known in the world of networking. L2TP does not offer encryptions on its own that’s why its accompanied with an IPSec key. It’s pretty slow as compared to the other protocols; however, it gets the job done when other protocols are out of reach.

Server Availability

In order to access geo-restricted media networks and reduce high ping in online gaming, you’ll require ample servers that are spread across every corner of the world map. The best VPN for Singapore will have servers located in U.S, UK, Canada, France, China and Russia.

P2P Servers

P2P, or peer-to-peer, is a technology that allows users to download media over the internet. In order to use torrents with a VPN, your VPN Singapore will require hi-tech P2P servers, so you download media without thinking twice. Before making the purchase, ensure that the VPN Singapore that you’re looking forward to purchase has hi-tech P2P servers for you to utilize.

Logs Policy

Logs are the data of online activities of users stored in a hi-tech server. If your VPN Singapore saves your logs, then let us remind you that your logs might be sold to federal agencies and massive corporations for lead generation. However, the best VPN for Singapore will have no logs policy written in its terms and conditions to ensure maximum privacy and security of its users.

Singapore VPN: Final Words

We have enlightened you on the issues and hardships of being a netizen in Singapore. Plus, with the help of a VPN Singapore, you can reclaim your online freedom and security without being stressed over it. Not only that, you can also access your favorite geo-restricted media networks all with the help of a VPN for Singapore.

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