Popcorn Time’s popularity has grown two fold in the last decade bringing streaming features powered through a torrent client. Popcorn Time is partially a BitTorrent client and hence carries all the advantages and vulnerabilities of the P2P sharing network. Like any other torrent client Popcorn Time also unveils your IP address, location and ISP while downloading media. Read this detailed free popcorn time vpn.

best popcorn time vpn

The best Popcorn Time VPN ensures through its leading edge tunneling protocols that your IP address is safe from the eyes of the ISP and copyright trolls. This added with encryption completely secure your online activities allowing you to download your favorite media without having to worry about being monitored by the MPAA, FBI, your ISP and other copyright monitoring agencies.


5 Best VPN for Streaming Popcorn Time

We tested 5 leading VPN services for Popcorn Time in accordance to their streaming speeds and security.

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Detailed Analysis of Best PopCorn Time VPN Services

1) ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN offers its high speed servers across 78 countries with 97 locations listed on the provider’s website. Express VPN also offers optimized P2P & torrenting servers allowing you to download torrents and other media with turbo speeds.

If you wish to stream Popcorn Time in high quality along with superb speed then Express VPN is an ideal choice for you. Express VPN does not log users’ activities in addition to leading edge encryption for proactive activity & network security.

ExpressVPN’s monthly plan costs $8.32 plus you can also avail its 30 days money back guarantee in case you wish to test the service. Express VPN is compatible with various operating systems and devices including Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, and different routers too.


2) PureVPN

PureVPN is a Hong Kong based VPN service that also offers high quality video streaming servers to subscribers. PureVPN has fewer but very stable high speed servers you can connect to watch your favorite movies and TV shows using Popcorn Time, the service is also one of the few that still work with Netflix US.

The provider also offers 80000+ dedicated IP feature across 140+ countries to its users so that they can easily secure their online activities. PureVPN does not log user activities and provide both shared IP addresses & dedicated IPaddresses especially for streaming fans.

The monthly package of PureVPN costs $4.99 per month with a 7 day money back guarantee (with time & data limit) in case you are not satisfied with the services of PureVPN. This is highly compatible with different devices such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Routers as well.

purevpn servers for popcorntime


3) Ivacy VPN

Ivacy is another VPN service that provides brilliant online streaming & torrent download speeds for Popcorn Time. Through 250 VPN servers across 100+ countries you can easily secure your IP address and location from your ISP and MPAA monitoring agencies.

The good thing about Ivacy is that it provides exclusive P2P servers so that you can download with at high speeds with robust security. Ivacy VPN offers a superb two year offer that costs $1.66 per month along with a 7 days money back guarantee. Ivacy VPN is compatible with 4 different operating systems like Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

ivacy vpn for popcorntime


4) NordVPN

NordVPN is another good choice if you are considering streaming Popcorn Time online. Nord VPN offers huge range of 550+servers operating across 47+countries globally. In addition, its P2P file sharing feature makes its quite effective for using Popcorn Time.

Allowing 6 simultaneous connections with one account, 4 effective tunneling protocols, and in-house apps make Nord VPN a great optionfor Popcorn Time. NordVPN does not maintain logs of users’ activities hence you can be sure of strict anonymity.

nordvpn for popcorn time

The monthly package of NordVPN will cost you $11.95 and all subscription come with a30 days money back guarantee. NordVPN is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.


Best Free VPN for Pop Corn Time

Betternet is a Vancouver based Canadian VPN service that offers some exciting features in the form of dedicated servers, fast speed connections, 24/7 customer support plus mobile & desktop apps even with its free version.

Betternet is regarded for its robust double encryption (256-bit AES and IPSec with 128-bit AES-CBC) & simple tunneling protocols like OpenVPN. If you wish to secure Popcorn Time, Betternet is a smart choice to get the job done. Do remember that Betternet’s free version does not allow desired server selection and limits devices to 1 with 1 account. Read complete betternet review.


What is Popcorn Time?

For newbies Popcorn Time can be explained as an open source platform where they can download media using the built-in torrent client and stream high quality video using the built in media player. This fusion between torrent client and media player makes it an easy and quick way to get free instant entertainment.

Media uploaded to Popcorn Time is usually hosted through torrent websites& libraries, hence requires torrenting fans to be careful when downloading on the software. After the shutdown of KickAssTorrents and Torrentz.eu being anonymous & secure is exactly what you need. Read our latest blog, Is Popcorn Time Legal?

Popcorn Time is now available over devices running Android, iOS, Mac, PC and Linux. You can download Popcorn Time apps from here.


What Can I Watch on Popcorn Time?

Popcorn time offers a huge library of movies, TV shows and animated movies. The main screen provides you latest movies and TV shows with a search option to find your favorite media. The app engine constantly searches for new releases and improved quality versions of existing media. Media can be played in full HD 1080p, 720p HD and standard definition depending on the user’s internet connection.

how to download popcorn time apps

Not only does Popcorn time provide the best streaming quality, but also places no restrictions over how many times you can watch media. Entertainment is properly catalogued and can be played immediately without waiting hours as in the case of torrents.


Is Popcorn Time Trustworthy?

Yes, Popcorn Time is a trustworthy service offering its huge library without any requirements for registration or submission of personal information.The one issue that the service does suffer from is the inability to secure its users’ form ISP monitoringand tricky honeypot torrents.

Although you can trustPopcorn Time, you cannot trust your ISP with any information they have on you which basically includes your name, address, account number, email, browsing and download activities. While Popcorn Time may look like they are working for you, ISPs are now working for the MPAA. Not convinced? Check out how Verizon, Comcast and AT&T troll their customers with infringement notices & penalties.


Which Platforms does Popcorn Time Support?

Currently, Popcorn Time supports the following operating systems & devices:

  • PC
  • Linux
  • Android
  • OS X
  • iOS


Is Popcorn Time Safe on Specific Platform?

Unfortunately, the state of security & privacy when using a Popcorn Time client is not very pretty. There is no specific platform that makes using the service secure. The service has neither crypto security (encryption) nor any app to scan the files you download. If you wish to use Popcorn Time then you are highly recommended to consider using a Popcorn Time VPN.

VPN are generally compatible with most mobile & desktop operating systems. This allows users on both mobile and desktop platforms to easily secure their devices while using Popcorn Time especially in the USA, Canada, UK, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and India. You do however have a choice to keep using Popcorn Time without VPN and wait for the first infringement notice to arrive at your doorstep.


Is It Illegal to Use Popcorn Time?

The Popcorn Time website clearly states this disclaimer that users should download copyrighted material at their own risk. Although the service was shut down in October 2015 and tagged an illegal streaming service in the USA, it was re-launched in February 2016 with a new domain name.

Popcorn Time maybe tagged “the Netflix for Pirates” but is not illegal to use except for the United States of America. We are still not sure if the service will be tagged illegal in other countries that come under the Trans Pacific Partnership continually paraded by President Obama around the world.


Why A Popcorn Time User Should Use A VPN?

Undoubtedly, Popcorn Time has provided range of choices and convenience to users but at the same time it does not mean you have a right to download everything. Whenever you have to download something on Torrent make sure you are using an effective VPN service. You should keep this fact in mind that it is illegal to use Popcorn Time and without VPN you can indulge yourself in legal matters such as copyright alerts and fines.


Is it necessary to pay for a VPN if I am using Popcorn Time?

Yes, we highly recommended using a premium VPN if you want to stream through Popcorn Time in a secure manner. However, if you do want to use free VPN at any cost then you should use Betternet for streaming Popcorn Time.

A premium VPN service for Popcorn Time offers multiple benefits including:

  1. Connectivity over multiple devices with one account
  2. Proven data security & identity protection
  3. Defined Privacy Policie
  4. Optimized apps for mobile OS & desktops
  5. P2P & Torrent servers for high speed downloading, plus much more.

That’s All Folks!

Popcorn Time has attracted the eyes of movies viewers and TV shows lovers in no time. It has made its place quite prominent in the domain of online streaming industry. However, the picture is not all rosy because Popcorn Time has been declared illegal in multiple countries now.

We highly recommended not using Popcorn Time without installing VPN on their devices. The Motion Pictures Association of America now partners with ISPs across North America, Europe and parts of Asia to crackdown on users’ downloading copyright content from Popcorn Time. Check out our list of providers above to know which one is best for you.

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