The PC has been the weapon of choice for billions of online users across the world for decades. Although the smartphone and tablet PC has taken the fire out of its usage, the PC still remains the most widely used device to connect to the internet today.

Independent technology & market research agency, Forrester Research, reported back in 2008 that by 2015 there would be a massive 2 billion PCs in the world, though that mark was passed in 2014 according to manufacturer sales numbers. Although it is the preferred weapon of choice for the home & office based user, the PC is also one of the most vulnerable device on the internet. These vulnerabilities stem from the very susceptible Windows OS being used in most PCs across the world.

Apart from common malware & virus threats, PC users also have to be proactive when it comes to growing online data breaches, identity theft, unwarranted surveillance and data retention by websites. This is where Virtual Private Networks or VPN come in to action, using their mix of cutting edge security features.

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5 Benefits of Using VPN for PC

It is essential for the PC user to know how exactly a VPN secures them online. To understand its benefits we will discuss the tool itself.

What is a VPN?

In theory, a Virtual Private Network is a virtual connection made by your PC with a private VPN server network using your existing internet connection. This virtual connection routes all your internet activity through the secured & private VPN network (making you invisible online), providing data security, online anonymity and hence identity protection. Here is a basic diagram of the VPN:

best vpn for pc

If you notice closely, your PC establishes a secure tunneled connection with the VPN server (can be based anywhere in the world). If you notice the connection between your PC and the VPN server, it is denoted by a blue arrow with a red outline. While the blue arrow denotes the tunneling protocols used to secure your online activity, the red outline is data encryption used to encode your data and make it unreadable.

If you have ever watched the Harry Potter movies, recall the invisibility cloak. When Harry was wearing the cloak he was invisible and could not be heard, we could go anywhere without someone to stop him. Consider Hogwarts as the public internet and Harry’s cloak as the VPN, you’re getting a better idea of the technology, we hope.

Once a VPN connection is established, the VPN server issues you a new IP address (one from its pool of IP addresses) and replaces your location to its own. This enhances your privacy and anonymity keeping you safely behind the VPN server’s protection while the VPN service interacts with the internet on your behalf.

5 Benefits of VPN for PC Users

In a rapidly changing cyber world, PC users need to extra careful to secure their devices from hackers, cyber criminals, government surveillance and 3rd party marketers. We have listed the top 5 benefits of using VPN for your PC.

Secure Your PC with VPN

The most ideal security feature that a VPN offers is the robust NAT Firewall, anti-DDoS and anti-throttling features offered by providers. The growing threat of surveillance, viruses and ISP deep packet inspection it is ideal to have a VPN for your PC.

Surveillance agencies tend to infect devices using malicious click-bait or phishing links. VPN usually keep you secured against such scripts, links and webpages by blocking or refusing to open them. Similarly, viruses that are injected into user systems are also filtered using the NAT firewall feature. Finally, ISPs that monitor their users’ activities online will also be blocked from making DPI analysis of a VPN subscriber’s activity.

Secures Data using Encryption Algorithms

VPN providers for PC ensure that all the data passing to and from your computer is completely coded. Employing military grade data encryption to code all your chats, emails, form data, financial information and other data, a VPN ensures no one can make sense of your data if they are listening on or breaching your data.

Encryption in VPN for computer devices ensure that no matter what activity is sending and receiving data packets (which is almost everything conducted online), it is secured with ironclad ciphering. For instance, if you send your father a “Hello” message using VPN it will be converted into alphanumeric code like “A9#B00” sent to your father’s device where it will be converted back to readable text.

Protects Your Online Activity Using Tunneling Protocols

As explained earlier, a VPN secure your online activity by employing tunneling technology. Tunneling protocols create a secure shielding tunnel around your data which makes all online activities invisible to ISPs, surveillance agencies, marketers, hackers & intruders, cyber criminals and other unauthorized snoopers.

When coupled with data encryption, no one can access any information about the user or their online activities.

Secures Your Devices over Public WI-FI

Mobile users who enjoy using portable laptops or even smartphones and tablets over public Wi-Fi networks will love VPN for their computers. The insecurity spread by public Wi-Fi hotspots is enough for any netizen to take proper precautions on them.

Increased data breaches throughout the last 5 years, hacked identities, bank fraud and other severe threats experienced through public Wi-Fi attacks all demand that a proper precaution be followed over such networks. When using a VPN on your computer devices while on public Wi-Fi, you IP address and location are virtually replaced to that of the VPN server. So, if you are connected to a USA server your IP address and location will be displayed from where the server is based.

Unblocks Geo-Restricted Media

Growing geo-restrictions placed usually on video & audio services like HBO, Netflix, HULU, Spotify and many others are also a unique niche for VPN providers for PC. Growing global interest in live streaming of events, access to foreign TV shows, music streaming services etc. requires a solution to unblock website blocked by the production companies based on IP address & user location.

A VPN provides hands on access to most geo-restricted services including those for video, audio, gaming, radio, shopping and banking. With cord cutting becoming the norm, it is ideal that millions of netizens turn to their PCs for prime time TV shows, movies and listen to music.


There are multiple issues affecting the common user on the internet today. It is good to carry an anti-virus and a malware app, but what if a VPN for your PC could simply hide your from every threat online? Access our editorial VPN reviews for computer and PC devices. Check out the best deals of the season to enjoy the highest standard of online security with the cheapest prices available online.

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