Apple’s iPhone is  undoubtedly regarded as one of the best smartphones due to its higher end privacy features and unsurpassed device security. With vulnerable features like the Apple Pay system, Touch ID and iCloud Apple Inc. was aware their devices had to be protected from everyone, and so they acted.However, all privacy features and immaculate device security went to waste when the FBI got an iPhone 5S unlocked while investigating the San Bernardino terrorism case.

Cyber-security professionals and privacy advocates alike suggest using best vpn for iphone to enhance online security. These VPN for iPhone devices have become even more significant following various serious incidents over the past 3 years. May it be the terrible iCloud hack in 2014 or the chance that users’ devices maybe under FBI surveillance, iPhone VPNs are definitely the only way out. Read Further to get to know about how to setup iphone vpn

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Best VPN for iPhone – Why PureVPN Got The Number 1 Rank?


best vpn for iphone

Hong Kong based PureVPN has 550+ servers across 141 countries. PureVPN is known for its ability to unblock a huge range of geo-restricted streaming services including Netflix, HBO Now, and BBC iPlayer amongst others. PureVPN can be run on 5 different devices simultaneously with one account.

  • PPTP
  • SSTP
  • OpenVPN
  • L2TP
  • IKEV2
  • Stealth VPN (New & Exclusive)


PureVPN is compatible with a huge range of devices including Windows, iOS, Routers, Mac, Android, Smart TVs and gaming consoles. While there were superior performers compared to PureVPN, we rank the service as best vpn for iphone on three factors.

The first reason PureVPN ranks top in best vpn for iphone list is simply, its affordability. Second, PureVPN is a Zero Logs service and is complimented by the government of Hong Kong which demands tech providers to retain 0% customer information. Third and most important, PureVPN’s iOS is compatible with all versions of the iPhone all the way from version 4 to the latest version 7; PureVPN also offers all protocols now available on the iPhone OS.



  • 5 simultaneous device logins
  • Brilliant iOS app compatible with iPhone 4 & above
  • Customer Support availability 24/7/365
  • Offers 7 tunneling protocols
  • Internet Kill Switch& Auto Reconnect
  • Compatible with major platforms and 20+ device manufacturers


  • Does not provide a free trial
  • Waiting times during peak hours sometimes

You can download the upgraded PureVPN app for iPhone from the Apple App Store here.


2nd Best VPN App for Iphone – Ivacy VPN


best vpn for iphone

Ivacy is a sweetheart for users looking to unblock geo-restrictions through its 240+ powerful streaming architecture. Also powered by multiple P2P & Torrent optimized servers it is a great choice for file sharing fanatics. Streaming fans can enjoy unblocking geo-restrictions to watch Netflix, BBC iPlayer and other channels from anywhere in the world.

To offer a great mix and match of speed with security essentials for best vpn for iphone, Ivacy VPN enhances its bundle with 4 tunneling protocols. Ivacy VPN also offers apps for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. Apart from those, Ivacy also offers compatibility with Raspberry Pi, Kodi OpenElec, Apple TV, Routers and gaming consoles.

The primary reason Ivacy ranks above some very strong best vpn for iphone brands is it very affordable cut-price offer. Second, Ivacy VPN offers very stable torrenting servers ensuring you are always protected while ensuring enhanced security through its internet kill switch feature.Although there are app errors in the older iPhone versions, the new Ivacy app is stable with all versions of the app.



  • 250+ servers across 50 countries
  • 5 multi logins feature
  • Absolute ZERO data logs policy
  • Internet kill Switch
  • Torrent &streaming optimized servers
  • Pocket friendly pricing



  • iOS App has bugs in older devices iPhone 5 and below


Get the latest Ivacy VPN for iPhone app from the iTunes App Store.


3rd Best VPN Software for Iphone – ExpressVPN


expressvpn iphone app


US based ExpressVPN is king when it comes to turbo speed servers anywhere in the world. Express VPN now offers their new multi-login feature that allows users to use the service over 3 devices simultaneously. ExpressVPN is compatible over Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Routers, Apple TV and gaming consoles.

ExpressVPN is the 3rd choice from our best vpn for iphone list, known for its ability unblock US Netflix, HBO Now and HULU from anywhere in the world. Not only is it a great streaming choice, but also offers secure P2P & torrent servers in multiple destinations outside the US & UK for added data security.

ExpressVPN is ranked third in our countdown due to two major facts. Although there is no comparison to its excellent server speeds & stability, ExpressVPN is very expensive and not for everyone looking for the best vpn for iphone. Another issue that I have noticed is with ExpressVPN’s customer support, very poor compared to their brilliant speeds and apps.



  • Offers dedicated IPs for Netflix USA streaming
  • Brilliant Referral program
  • Excellent iOS app and manual setup guides available
  • 30 Days Money Back guarantee
  • Exclusive Turbo Speed servers all over the world
  • Torrent supported severs outside US


  • Based in USA, retain data even though they claim not to
  • Expensive pricing plans

ExpressVPN for iPhone is available exclusively from official website (after subscription only) and the Apple App Store here


4th Best VPN Client for iPhone – HideMyAss


hma pro iphone vpn


HideMyAss provides services across 180+ countries through 840+servers. The service is compatible with a range of OS including Windows, iOS and Android. HMA offers great support for streaming and managing FTPservers, so a great option for online streaming fans.

Although HMA is a brilliant and top tier brand we rank it 4thin our best vpn for iphone countdown for two major reasons. First, HMA in no way is a “zero logs” privacy provider and maintains extensive data logs on all its users, including personally identifiable information.



  • Servers available in 190+ countries
  • Highest number of shared IPs in VPN industry
  • Provides all availableprotocols for iPhones


  • Logs user data, IP address and personal information
  • Does not offer compatible for iPhone

HideMyAss app for iPhone can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and from the provider’s download section (after subscription only). 


5th Best VPN for iPhone – NordVPN

nordvpn iphone app


NordVPN is a Panama based VPN offering services in 54 countries and can be used on 6 iPhone devices simultaneously with a single account (not other vpn services listed in our best vpn for iphone table have these massive multi login features) . The subscribers can also unblock geo-restricted streaming websites from anywhere in the world. NordVPN is compatible with all major operating systems Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and iOS.

NordVPN offers a brilliant app for iPhones allowing users one click connectivity. The provider has optimized servers for torrents while their tier-1 servers are famous for HD streaming on Netflix, FOX, HBO, live TV services and pay per view events.

If you are a streaming fan, Nord VPN is an ideal choice for those looking to unblock Netflix US, FOXTel Australia, online TV like beINSports and UK’s SkyGO. You can also use NordVPN’s soft ether protocol to secure your torrents on the iPhone, it is an exclusive protocol available only with NordVPN right now.



  • 705 servers are available in 54 countries
  • Leading edge iOS app
  • Exclusive SoftEther protocol
  • Supports P2P file sharing in 4 continents



  • Customer support lacks proper channels including a Live Chat

Nord VPN offers it’s in house developed for iPhone on the Apple App Store.


How to Use iPhone VPN on Mac through Tethering


The iPhone users can easily use iPhone VPN on Mac through tethering because an iPhone will work as a modem for Mac in this case.  Here is how you can do next:


Turn On your iPhone’s Personal Hotspot


You can use three methods to connect your best vpn for iPhone to use its data connection. The first method is connecting your iPhone personal hotspot through Wi-Fi, second is connecting your iPhone personal hotspot through Bluetooth. The third method is connecting your iPhone personal hotspot through USB.

  1. First of all open the settings app and click on the Personal Hotspot to use personal hotspot settings.
  2. It is recommended to change the password of your hotspot first. Since, anyone within the range can easily connect to your iPhone. Hence, click on “Wi-Fi Password” to create a strong password.
  3. Now you can turn “Personal Hotspot” on by tapping the switch provided at the top of personl hotspot settings.


Connecting your iPhone Personal Hotspot through Wi-Fi on Mac


This is one of the most common method to connect your iPhone through Wi-Fi. It does not matter if  you are using a  Mac or other device, you should easily select your iPhone from the list of Wi-Fi networks. Here is how you can do next:

  1. You should enter a password if you are connecting for the first time.
  2. Upon successful connection, internet will start working on your preferred device such as laptop or Mac.
  3. When you are connected to your iPhone personal hotspot settings, you can see a blue bar that will be appeared at the top. This blue bar indicates how many connections are available here.


Connecting your iPhone Personal Hotspot through Bluetooth on Mac


You can also connect your iPhone personal hotspot through Bluetooth on your Mac. Here are the steps you can follow:

  1. First of all go to System Preferences> Bluetooth
  2. Find out your iPhone in the list then you should click on “Pair” next to iPhone.
  3. A pair code will be appeared on your iPhone screen and Mac screen too.
  4. The codes need to be matched with each other and upon matching tap the “Pair” button to create a connection.
  5. Click the Bluetooth icon given in the Mac menu bar then select your iPhone in the list and click on “Connect to Network”.
  6. You can access internet now through your iPhone’s Bluetooth connection on Mac.


Connecting your iPhone’s Personal Hotspot through a USB on Mac


The netizens can also connect their iPhone’s personal hotspot through a USB on Mac devices.

  1. The users just need to plug-in their iPhone with a USB cable and they are ready to use internet on their Mac devices.
  2. The iPhone personal hotspot should remain switched on during the whole process.


Which Tethering Method Works After All?


All these three above mentioned methods have some pros like USB connects a Mac device with iPhone personal hotspot in seconds. This method needs an iPhone to be physically connected with Mac device all the time. However, it does not need any kind of configuration at all.

Bluetooth is a detailed procedure and more secure than Wi-Fi method. This method requires extensive configuration as compared to the other two methods. Whereas, Wi-Fi is more efficient than the other two methods but needs strong password to offer more security to users. The users should select this method however a strong password is extremely desirable.


Why you need Best VPN for iPhone?

An iPhone VPN is “the” line of defense for any iPhone user. Not only does the VPN protect the iPhone itself but also secures critical user information including location, financial information (Apple Pay), personal data, messages & chats(iMessage & WhatsApp), online activities and iCloud storage.

Geo Restrictions

Various social websites and VoD streaming services are geo-restricted for netizens who access these services from another country. Geo-restricted services include famed streaming services like Netflix, HULU and HBO Now etc. Similarly, in countries like China where even Google services like Gmail and social networks like Facebook are banned,a VPN for iPhone can do wonders.

iphone geo restriction

Depending on which geo-restricted service you want to unblock iPhone VPN services offers servers across the world so you can enjoy your favorite entertainment from anywhere in the world. For instance, I watch several shows on HBO Now including Game of Thrones, WestWorld and Last Week Tonight.Unblocking HBO Now using a US VPN server has been a 3 step process for me since the service came out.

Initially, the iPhone VPN changes your location to that of the required region (e.g. the USA or UK) and replaces your real IP address with one from its own server. These two simple changes allow you to access all geo-restricted services from that particular region.

Mass Surveillance

A harsh reality for all countries with a cyber-infrastructure,mass surveillance has grown from being insignificant to being the next big thing. Mass online surveillance of citizens in USA, UK, Germany, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, China, Saudi Arab, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman is prominent and well known amongst online privacy circles.

Just this year Israel became the largest importer of cyber-surveillance and espionage technology to the world. Not only did the Israeli government support these organizations to build surveillance tech but could have also aided the FBI crack the iPhone 5S that triggered the mass surveillance debate between Apple & the FBI.

Consider the surveillance in China where accessing Gmail, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is more dangerous that committing a robbery. For countries where the monitoring and censorship is at such heightened levels a VPN is probably the only defense netizens have.

An iPhone VPN offers what is known as “data encryption” to cipher or encode all outgoing online traffic requests and communications, making sure no one can access it without proper authorization. Coupled with another tech known as “tunneling”, the iPhone VPN keeps its user secure& anonymous online.

iphone vpn

Malware and Ransomware

It may not be an alarming issue but it is a growing onefor iPhone users across the world especially those in China, Russia and the USA. Generally, it is impossible that a malware or ransomware makes its way into the Apple App Store. All iPhone apps are quality approved before being published on the App store. Nonetheless, there is an iPhoneWiki page dedicated to listing the most popular malware that have affected the device.

iPhone apps downloaded from 3rd party stores are the ones known for malicious codes and are unnoticeable at the time of download. These apps contain dangerous malware and take control of users’ iPhones. Such malware can copy all the personal information and send this information to the unknown recipients. This information may also be encrypted by the hackers (only to be unlocked by a specific key)to demand ransom from the user.

ios vulnerability

A great example is the ransomware “KeRanger”that was distributed by a BitTorrent client built for iOS devices infecting the mon a massive scale in early 2016. Although this app looked quite neat at first glance, once the app was installed on an iPhone user data was blocked and a ransom of $400 was demanded.

BGR.comreports that over 40% of detected vulnerabilities are designed to be severe on iPhones. Symantec, Sophos, McAfee, Trends Micro, Kaspersky and numerous other cyber security organizations have reported that there is an increased threat towards smartphones especially the Apple iPhone.

If you observe in the VPN diagram above, you will notice how “tunneling & encryption”secure your network making you go completely invisible to hackers. Although the VPN alone can’t counter the malware on its own (always have internet security apps on your iPhone), it is a perfect way to keep out of reach from hackers altogether.

Benefits of an iPhone VPN

VPN are no more a luxury but a prerequisite for secure online activity.Leading iPhone VPN providers offer a long list of benefits to their subscribers providing them an all-in-one solution for online privacy. Some prominent benefits of using a VPN on your iPhone include:

  • Added data & device security vulnerable public Wi-Fi networks
  • Location data & IP Address security
  • Enhanced communications protection using encryption
  • Ability to bypass ISP throttling
  • Ability to bypass geo-restrictions placed on video & music streaming services


What to look for in the best iPhone VPN Service

While any VPN would be a brilliant choice for the iPhone always keep in mind that the iPhone now offers a few tunneling protocols that you can configure on the device. These include:

  1. L2TP/IPSec
  2. IKEV2
  3. PPTP (iOS 9 & earlier versions, not available in iOS 10& above)
  4. Cisco IPSec

It is recommended that you either choose your iPhone VPN based on these protocols. A great choice is subscribing to an iPhone VPN service that offers all the above mentioned protocols and a dedicated app for iPhones. You can always install VPN provider apps on the iPhone and use other protocols if available.

Another important aspect that you should definitely consider is the number of servers that your iPhone VPN provider offers. In case you don’t want too many servers, it is suggested you go with a service that offers fewer servers but most in North America & Europe.


Hong Kong based PureVPN offers over 500 servers available in 140+ countries, 6 tunneling protocols and a well-designed iOS app(available with exclusive discount offer). Similarly, renowned provider ExpressVPN offers over97 servers, 4 tunneling protocols and a brilliant iOS app.

best iphone vpn

How to Setup iPhone VPN

Setting up an iPhone VPN is simple given you have all the required informationincluding server names, username & password etc. iPhone users’ can follow our L2TP step by step guide below:

  1. From your home screen tap on ‘Settings’.
  2. Tap on ‘General and scroll down then tap on ‘VPN’
  3. Now click on “Add VPN Configuration option” to configure your new iPhone VPN.
  4. Tap on “L2TP” Protocol
  5. Name the connection like “MyL2TP VPN” in description
  6. Enter your iPhone VPN server name e.g. “” in the server box
  7. Enter your VPN username in the Account box
  8. Leave RSA SecurID as it is
  9. Provide your VPN password is the Password box
  10. Enter 12345678 in the ‘Hidden’ box and then click“Save”
  11. It is time to tap on “My L2TP VPN” and switch on your new iPhone VPN


In A Nutshell

It’s probably time iPhone fans jump off the marketing band wagon and start taking control of their online privacy . By all means use your device without proper security & network protection, but do remember that everyone including the FBI, hackers and cyber-activists are now after the highly acclaimed Apple iPhone.

Have a look at the reviews listed above and find out how they secure your iPhone & your network. Discover what else you can achieve with an iPhone VPN service like secure torrent downloads, unrestricted video streaming, accessing e-banking services securely, browse securely over public WI-FI networks, bypass ISP throttling and stay protected from state surveillance.

Feel free to share your valuable thoughts and leave feedback to improve our article in the comment section below, until next time safe surfing everyone.

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