What is the first thing that comes to mind when we speak of France? You might think about its rich history, delicious food, beautiful monuments (Eiffel Tower), attractive tourist spots, or perhaps about the capital of romance, Paris.

That may be the case but what about when we talk about online freedom? France is known for promoting freedom of speech and liberty. However, things are not as they may seem. France has various laws in place and regulations it has to follow that compromise your online privacy and security.

In 2010, for the very first time, France was added to ‘Countries Under Surveillance’. The main reason for this was the implementation of the three-strike law (HADOPI). And, with the EU Data Retention Directive being fully followed in France, online surveillance and internet censorship are at full swing. So how can you protect your online privacy in France? Use a VPN for France.

Best VPN for France

With the EU Data Retention Directive being implemented, your best choice is to choose a VPN that is not based in France. Fortunately, below are some of the best VPN services for France you can choose from as they are located in VPN friendly regions.

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Each of these VPN services provides secure protocols, military grade encryption levels and numerous servers that keep you safe and anonymous at all times while allowing you to unblock geo restricted websites.

Evade Online Surveillance with VPN for France

The ‘Three Strike’ Law

The online surveillance conducted by the French government first started through the implementation of the three strike law in 2009. The law was administered by the governmental agency HADOPI, hence also known as HADOPI law. Under this law, any user found guilty of copyright infringement would be fined and cut off from the internet.

The law followed a three strike system where copyright infringers were first sent an email, a certificated letter, and then a court order where the maximum fine imposed would be of 1,500 Euros. However, this law was later revoked in 2013 after failing to make an impact on stopping piracy and imposing inconsistent penalties on copyright infringers.

Now with new regulations in place, it is still advised that you use a VPN for France before downloading anything off the internet. Using a VPN service in France, you become anonymous over the web as your ISP, French government and copyright sharks cannot monitor your online activity.

Blanket Surveillances by DG SE

Thanks to the revelations about NSA by Edward Snowden, a French newspaper (Le Monde) reported that the Directorate General for External Security (DG SE) was collecting metadata including online activity and telephone conversations of French citizens.

The data was being stored at the storing facilities in central Paris and was accessible to other governmental agencies. To this date, there is no concrete response to stopping such collection of data.

Also there is no judicial oversight regarding the collection of metadata and is in violation of French law. You can keep your private information safe in France with a VPN as it makes you anonymous and encrypts all your internet traffic.

Protect Against Cybercrimes with France VPN

If online surveillance wasn’t enough, you also need to consider the cyber attacks taking place in France. As per the report by Symantec, France experiences the highest number of cyber attacks compared to any other European country. Majority of the attacks originate from mobile devices as 41 percent of the French mobile users were victims of cybercrimes in 2014.

In another study, conducted by Ponemon Institute, 257 organizations were surveyed across 7 countries, including France. The study showed that the average cost of cybercrimes in France was €4.8 million across 29 organizations (that were surveyed); while the total cost of cybercrime in 2014 amounted to be $6.38 million.

france vpn

To protect your sensitive and confidential information such as bank account details, financial transactions, personal photographs, videos, emails, text messages, and other data, use a VPN for France. When you have a VPN switched on, all your internet traffic is tunneled through the secure protocols and is encrypted, making it virtually impossible for cyber-goons to hack into your network and retrieve them.

Say Goodbye to Geo Restrictions with VPN for France

Apart from securing your network from cyber threats and governmental surveillances, a VPN for France also enables you to unblock geo restricted channels. There are numerous French channels that are only accessible within France.

So if you are going to be traveling outside France anytime soon, then be sure to carry a VPN service with you. The numerous servers offered by a France VPN will allow you to bypass geo restrictions and access channels like France 2, France 3, M6, W9, TF1, and many more from anywhere in the world.

Likewise, you can also access channels like Hulu, Pandora, BBC iPlayer and many more within France with a VPN. You can also enhance your online viewing options by accessing US Netflix as it has the largest content library compared to any other Netflix region (especially Netflix France).

Final Verdict

France was once at the pinnacle of freedom of speech and promoting liberalism. However, with time it has adopted numerous laws and has to comply with various regulations that have put internet user’s privacy at harm’s way.

Although there is very little internet censorship in France, certain content is still filtered through. Content like child pornography, websites promoting terrorism, antigovernment or hate speeches, and any content promoted to breaching copyrights.

If you are living in France or are about to travel to France, then you need a VPN service. With a VPN for France by your side, you can stay away from cyber-goons, governmental surveillances, and enjoy unlimited online entertainment by jumping digital fences.

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