As we welcome 2016, it doesn’t seem that the world of cyber security and internet restrictions would become any easier. The lessons that we learned from the previous year showed signs that your online privacy and internet security will continue to be at risk.

In light of such ominous threats, we at BestVPNProvider have decided to compile some of the best VPN for 2016. With the help of these VPN services for 2016, you can safe guard all your sensitive data from the prying eyes of cyber-goons and evade privacy invaders from breaching your personal space.

Best VPN for 2016

Here are our top 5 VPN services for 2016:

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Why Do I Need a VPN in 2016

We already have highlighted that your online privacy and internet security will be at risk in 2016. But what other factors would promote you to use a VPN in 2016? Let’s take a look:

Increasing Governmental Surveillance

It is thanks to Edward Snowden that we all now know about the shady activities being carried out by various governments. Numerous intelligence agencies, such as NSA and GCHQ, have had unlimited amount of power to collect user data by spying on them.

In addition to this, alliance between various countries has let to bulk data collection from all quadrants of the world. This means that every move that you make over the internet is going to be record and monitored by various agencies.

This is where using a 2016 VPN services becomes highly warranted. It will encrypt your internet traffic and keep you anonymous over the internet; helping you to protect your privacy from governmental surveillances.

Mandatory Data Retention Laws

If on-going surveillance wasn’t enough, some countries have implemented mandatory data retention laws. According to these regulations, telecom companies and internet service providers were required to keep user information such as browsing history, email activities, phone call records and other similar personal data for a certain period of time.

Australia was the latest country to join this race for implementing mandatory data retention laws in 2015. Such regulations pose an immense threat to your online privacy as everything you do over the internet would be recorded and stored. However, with one of the best VPN for 2016 by your side, you can overcome this problem and become immune to data retention laws.

Rising Cyber Attacks

According to the researchers at McAfee Lab, predictions were made that in 2015 cyber criminals would have access to more sophisticated and advance technology which would lead to increased cyber crimes. This was exactly the case as in 2015 we witness some of the most brutal cyber attacks in history.

From the Ashley Madison data breach to Sony Pictures being hacked, numerous juggernauts of the industry were targeted by cyber criminals. With that keeping in mind, 2016 will no different as cyber-warfare is in full swing and to keep your sensitive data safe, we suggest you use a VPN service.

Bypass Geo Blocks & Internet Restrictions

While internet security and online privacy are an important matter, geo restrictions and internet censorship are a severe issue for all online streamers. With numerous countries blocking off various websites and various online streaming services, such as Netflix and Hulu, not available in different regions, a VPN allows you to overcome this hurdle with ease.

A VPN offers multiple servers located across the world. Using these servers, you can bypass all kinds of internet restrictions. Therefore, using a VPN in 2016 will be a vital component for everyone as it will allow you access to all blocked websites and online services.


By our reckoning, 2016 will certainly be a year where more and more emphasis will be placed on preserving online privacy. With the increasing involvement of various governments to conduct online surveillances and implement laws that grant agencies unimaginable rights to collect user data, the use of VPN will be highly important.

With a 2016 VPN service by your side, it will circumvent all the problems that pose a threat to your online privacy and internet security. It not only liberates you from such risks but also allows you roam the internet with freedom.

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