One of the biggest Torrent Meta search engines, has been blocked and is no longer delivering torrent searches for torrent fans. There is still no news on why the renowned torrent search engine and archiving website suspended its services, except for an update by TorrentFreak. According to website status check, has been down since the past 10 hours:

is torrentzeu down?

Top 4 Best Torrentz Alternatives/Clones

Important Before Proceeding: 

Keep in mind that as new Torrent websites and alternatives to Torrentz or its clones pop up, the risk of getting tracked by malicious trackers also becomes greater. ISPs, copyright claimers and big studios all push fake torrents through such websites to track people downloading these torrents and then send them legal and copyright threats after tracing their identityTo ensure safe browsing and downloading from all torrent websites, get a Torrent supported VPN service to hide and protect your IP and identity from them.

  1. KAT Clones & Mirrors & are two clones of KickAssTorrent’s original website. While the actual website is now blocked, the two mirrors are working perfectly in all regions of the world.

KEEP IN MIND: These clones are not trustworthy and might be pushing malware. Use them at your own risk!

http://KAT.AM is being hyped up as the official server backup of Kick Ass Torrent’s original torrent library. To test the availability of the website we tested the domain using 2 different Torrent VPN services across 6 regions including USA, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Singapore and Australia. Currently, the backup websites are still accessible providing the complete KAT library. If your ISP restricts you from accessing the clone domains, simply access them with a VPN service.

  1. The Pirate Bay

Since its revival, The Pirate Bay is now back in all its glory providing a huge selection of torrents. TPB is great alternative to, and is also one of the biggest contributors to the torrent search engine. TPB is although known to host malware so always ensure you have your system firewall on.

  1. IsoHunt

IsoHunt has gone through some dark phases just like and Kick Ass are going through right now. It is one of the largest torrent libraries in existence and also offers a dedicated forum, blog and access to the latest torrents as soon as they are available on the internet.

IsoHunt is a perfect alternative to and is the editor’s choice torrent website to use. You can also get immense help and support from the IsoHunt community, but require you to register.

  1. Torrent Hound

Torrent Hound does not host a huge library of torrents but carries most famous ones that are trending users are searching for. Although older torrents are available, the site seriously lacks seeder to download files through. Irrespective of the fact that there are few seeders, Torrent Hound is a great place to look for your favorite torrents, it is also a contributor to the library.

TorrentHound provides live statistics of its hosted torrents and user downloads and provides a customized torrent client to help users securely and easily download torrents.

Netizens visiting the website are experiencing the following message:

why torrentzeu down

The message clearly indicates that the highly acclaimed search engine doesn’t work anymore, referring to the website as “was”. If you conduct a query search in the bar, a new browser window pops open displaying this sad farewell message.

TorrentFreak confirmed that it was contacted by the administrators of with the publisher stating that another major Torrent website is shutting down. never hosted torrent files directly but instead provided links to other torrent sites like The Pirate Bay, KickAssTorrents Mirrors, Extra Torrent and others.

The saga has come in the wake of Kick Ass Torrent owner Artem Vaulin’s arrest, shrouding the shutdown of Torrentz in clear doubt and the smell of treachery. Torrents fans shouldn’t be worries though, we have the right solution for you.

Anonymize Your Torrent Downloads Yourself!

Criticism put aside, the only way to secure torrent downloads is using Fastest VPN with the torrent client. You will come across huge criticism and massive opposition of using VPN with torrents but always remember there is nothing better than prevention.

Would you consider an MPAA penalty/notice delivered to your doorstep, claiming you must pay a $2000 fine for infringement? Or, would you consider downloading what you want with complete anonymity & security?

Here is a list of tested torrent VPN providers that offer optimized torrent servers and minimum bandwidth loss when downloading torrents:

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In a Nutshell

We will remember as we remember our first birthday present; it will live in the memory of every torrent enthusiast like a beautiful memoir. Leave us your thoughts and feelings in the comments section below, alternatively express yourselves on Twitter @VPNBest and use the hash tag #FarewellTorrentzeu.

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