Ever since the US Senate approved CISA (Cyber intelligence Sharing Act) & the USA Freedom Act, the USA has lost its charm as the land of the free. In 2013, then Texas Senator John Carona (R-Dallas) proposed a cyber-surveillance bill that would make data retention of customers mandatory for internet service providers operating in Texas.

State surveillance remains the most concerning issue for all US citizens, while more censorship and social monitoring laws are being queued for US cyberspace. Texas is no exception and with growing cases of gun violence in 2016 strict social network monitoring and even stringent online surveillance is expected.

The Best VPN For Texas in February 2017

Using Virtual Private Networks (VPN) is no longer a marketing slogan they have become just as necessary as Internet Security Suites are. VPN are tools designed to secure any network connection by using two essential tools, namely Tunneling & Encryption, to ensure no one can listen onto your online activities and communications.

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Essentially, VPN were designed for mobile business employees who have to travel extensively while accessing databases and servers at their head offices. This would allow them to access HQ servers, download files securely, communicate over VoIP apps privately and browser the internet with complete anonymity.

Unblock Favorite Websites & Entertainment

Geo-restrictions are a fun killer when it comes to browsing the web, watching your favorite movies, downloading torrents, and installing region locked apps. For instance, the US government in cahoots with MPAA (Motion Pictures Association of America)banned websites that allow citizens to easily stream TV Shows and movies online.
Similar restrictions were also placed on torrent websites like KickAssTorrents, ExtraTorrents, The Pirate Bay and many others. You will also find many apps on the Google Play Store and iTunes missing if you access them from Texas cyberspace.

A Texas VPN service bypasses these geo-restrictions by assigning you a new IP address from Europe or Asia. For instance, if you wish to stream TV shows using BBC iPlayer & online streaming services like Watch Series and download TV shows like Game of Thrones using torrents it is highly recommended to use a VPN for Texas.
Usually, the first three offences are overlooked by your ISP, but soon you will begin receiving infringement notices. Next, will come monetary fines and finally you will receive notices of service cancellation. While all these penalties haven’t been seriously taken up by ISPs and the MPAA, they are already in the pipeline. Consider signing up to a VPN today to make yourself invisible to your ISP and any other copyright trolls listening on your network.

Avoid NSA & State Surveillance

After Microsoft handed over the keys to Skype source code and server data to the NSA 2 years ago, the debate over data privacy and encryption has picked momentum in the US. Everyone from privacy watchdogs to comedians has made an effort to emphasize the importance of encryption for US cyberspace.

Security contractor and whistle blower Edward Snowden revealed the NSA’s Prism Program where he unveiled how:

  1. Cellphone & Internet carrier Verizon was handing over data of millions of their customers on a daily basis under a secret court order
  2. The Five Eyes (USA, UK, Canada, Australia & New Zealand) were spying on the global internet in addition to their own online populations
  3. The NSA had tapped into the servers of nine tech firms including Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Twitter
  4. All data was being shared between the GCHQ of UK and other surveillance agencies

While the US government tagged Snowden a traitor, more whistle blowers began unveiling dirty surveillance secrets of the NSA. Bill Binny a former VP at the NSA conducted an Ask Me Anything session from an undisclosed location in the US unveiled more NSA illegal surveillance apparatuses.

nsa surveillance in usa. texas vpn

Texas VPN offer leading edge tunneling and encryption features allowing you to easily secure your online communication including Skype, WhatsApp, iMessage, Line, Viber and many other apps. By encrypting text and voice communication Texas VPN ensure that no matter who is listening in on your network connection gets nothing but scrambled numbers & noise.

A VPN for Dallas ensures that no matter where the NSA Data center is they cannot spy on you. Similarly, VPN providers for Dallas, Texas will also protect you from your ISP and telecom provider (Verizon, AT&T etc.)and disable them from retaining your data.

Security from Cyber Criminals

Symantec, Kaspersky Labs, McAfee and numerous other cyber security organizations have reported an increase in mobile malware and dedicated cyber-attacks on mobile devices. A reported 1.8 billion mobile devices will be sold in 2015 alone. As more people go online using these mobile devices instead of their desktops and laptops banking, shopping, medical and other financial information is severely under threat of data breaches.

cybercrime report 2005-15

Texas VPN ensure that no matter what network (public or private)you are connected to no one can see you online nor can they steal any data transferred from and to your devices.

The Internet of Things

The concept of IoT or Internet of Things is picking up speed as netizens go online using multiple devices. Phones, tablets, PCs, laptops, smart cars, home electronics, smart watches etc. all synchronize data to keep us always online.

While this data is ordinary numbers, addresses, names, phone numbers and emails for us, for cybercriminals they hold the keys to the kingdom. If we recall, the Apple iCloud photos hack was one of the most damaging in the past 10 years leading to a data dump of over 200,000 customer accounts including explicit images of celebrities.

Most Texas VPN providers now offer security for upto 3 different devices allowing you to secure smart devices and computers at home or at work without having to break your wallet.

In a Nutshell

Growing surveillance, data mining and cybercrime demands netizens take proactive protection when accessing the internet at home, work and on public Wi-Fi networks. Texas VPN services are by far the most efficient and cheapest solution for ordinary Texans to protect their online activities, communications and meta-data from ISPs, NSA, FBI, Telecom companies, marketing data miners, hacker, cyber criminals and other malicious entities.


5 Best Texas VPNs for September 2016
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5 Best Texas VPNs for September 2016
Texas VPN services are by far the most efficient and cheapest solution for ordinary Texans to protect their online activities, communications and meta-data from ISPs, NSA, FBI, Telecom companies, marketing data miners, hacker, cyber criminals and other malicious entities.
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