In the world filled with numerous geo blocks, mass surveillance by governments, and mandatory data retention laws, the use of VPN has become a necessity. In Netherlands, internet users don’t face much in terms of censorship but what they do face is EU’s Data Retention Directive. This is one of the primary reasons why you need a VPN for Netherlands.

EU’s Data Retention Directive in Netherlands

The mandatory data retention requirements put in place by the European Parliament and Council across various EU nations, including Netherlands, requires ISP services and telecom companies to keep records of their user’s activities for up to one year.

What this means is that your ISP and telecom service are required (by law) to store your internet browsing history, emails, phone call records, and other personal information. This data retention directive has received many criticisms across Europe since its implementation because it violates fundamental privacy rights.

In March 2015, the District Court of Hague had scrapped the EU Data Retention Directive on grounds that it violated EU privacy rights. However, it is still remains to be seen whether the law will be made inactive indefinitely or not. Until then, it is advised that you use a Netherlands VPN to safeguard your privacy.

5 Best VPN for Netherlands

With a Netherlands VPN by your side, you are protected from any kind breaches in privacy by your ISP, telecom companies, government or hackers alike. Using a VPN for Netherlands, all your internet traffic is encrypted and tunneled through secure protocols, not allowing anyone to access and monitor all your activities.

To help you select, we have rounded up some of the best Netherlands VPN services you can use today. These VPN providers have multiple servers located in Netherlands and provide good performance with strong security measures, helping you evade the clutches of various cyber threats.

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Netherlands Stance on Copyright Infringement

When it comes to copyright infringement, Netherlands has a sketchy track record. Known to have a liberal attitude on numerous aspects, the Dutch authorities have been somewhat strict in handling copyright infringement cases.

For instance, The Pirate Bay website has been blocked by numerous ISPs throughout Netherlands. Initially ordered to be blocked by two ISPs in 2012, a court ruling in favor of anti piracy group BREIN led to the extension of the block to other ISPs as well.

However, the use of torrents in Netherlands is not totally illegal. You can download movies, music, books, pictures, and other material that is considered as art, as long as it is for personal use. But if you use torrents for downloading intellectual property such as software then you could get into trouble. This is where using a Netherlands VPN for using torrents is highly warranted.

Unblock Geo Restrictions with Netherlands VPN

Furthermore, with the help of a Netherlands VPN service, you can access any website from anywhere in the world. A Holland VPN offers you numerous servers located around the world. Using these servers, you can unblock all kinds of web content and access all your favorite websites.

If you are traveling outside Netherlands, then carrying a VPN on your travels will allow you to access Dutch websites back home. You can stream your favorite TV shows and movies on channels such as RTL or SBS 6.

On the contrary, if you are already in Netherlands but want to access websites from other regions, then using a VPN for Holland, you can easily access them. You can access famous streaming services such as Hulu, Pandora, US Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and others alike.

Say Goodbye to NSA Surveillance

Thanks to the revelations brought to the limelight by Edward Snowden, we now know that governmental surveillance is actually a reality. NSA has been involved in storing metadata of users and they are not just confined to United States.

Any US based company that is operating in foreign territory can be compelled to handover information to NSA. Similarly, cloud storage companies that operate in EU but are owned by American companies can also be forced to handover user’s stored information.

Having said that, the exact extent to which NSA is now operating in EU (including Netherlands) still remains to be seen, but you should still protect your online privacy using a Netherlands VPN. A VPN will keep you anonymous over the internet and protect you from NSA trying to retrieve data about you.


To round things up, Netherlands is considered an internet friendly place but evading EU’s data retention directive and protecting your privacy from NSA are two compelling reason to use a Netherlands VPN service.

With the help of a VPN for Netherlands, you can keep your true identity anonymous over the internet and safeguard your personal data from hackers, spammers, phishes, governmental surveillances, and other types of cyber-goons.

In addition to online security and privacy, a Netherlands VPN also allows you to bypass geo restrictions, left internet censorship, and unblock different websites.

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