If you are still using the free VPN service offered by Hola, you should stop immediately and uninstall it now. Hola offers free VPN service as a browser extension for Firefox and Chrome while having separate apps for iOS and Android devices.

What Hola has done is that, without your permission, other users can use your network and can also purchase your network. Hola has converted your computer into a node on a botnet which treats your network as an exit node.

This allows other Hola users to use the internet through your network and pass their internet traffic through your computer, exposing you to numerous risks. Our guide will identify the threats of using Hola and we have also recommended some alternatives to using the service.

Risks of Using Hola VPN

A research conducted by different security researchers has uncovered various risks of using a Hola service and published it on Adios Hola website. We have condensed the main threats of using Hola VPN service and laid them straight out for you:

  1. Since your network is converted into an exit node, any malicious activity and malware passes through your network and can be traced back to you.
  2. You are no longer anonymous over the internet while using Hola as your IP address is not masked and can be easily traced.
  3. Your network can be used for DDoS attacks as Hola can send internet traffic of other users through you.
  4. Hola can sell access to its networks through its business called Luminati. This means that anyone can have access to your network and use it for whichever purpose they want.
  5. You do not get bandwidth or servers from Hola. Instead you share IP addresses of different users, which mean that your bandwidth is being leeched out by other Hola users.

To overcome these risks, you need switch away from Hola VPN service and select a new one. We have suggested some of the alternatives that offer better protection, wide spread of servers, and don’t expose you to all these risks that Hola does.

Best Alternatives to Hola VPN

A free VPN service will not offer you the benefits that a premium VPN would. For a fraction of price, you can get greater online protection, anonymity, great performance, wide range of internet accessibility, and stable all round service. Here are some of the best alternatives to Hola you can choose from:

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The Wrap Up!

Hola has been used by many users around the world to unblock geo restricted websites such as Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and Pandora. But the reality of how Hola VPN really works is far from the truth.

A best VPN service has its own server spread across the world located in different locations. Hola, on the other hand, utilizes a large peer to peer network where each user is used as an end point.

This compromises your online privacy and security against different cyber-goons as you use a Hola VPN. It exposes you uncountable number of threats and could leave you with facing heavy penalties for actions that you might not even have performed.

This is where using some of the best Hola VPN alternatives come into play. Use our guide and select from one of the alternatives above. These VPN services will offer excellent performance in terms security, anonymity, and accessibility than a Hola service.

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    signup for a new account via this link and you get free premium which means you are off the exit node list

    re-signup each month for a new account and a new month of premium

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