I usually feel furious when websites tend to query my location or even ask me to provide location information in browsers. It’s nice to receive tailored information, but, not all of us want to enjoy this great gift. I would rather look up relevant products & services on my own, but what do you do when every app you use on smartphones and websites your visit on PC queries location?

If you feel this location tracking is intrusive, then it’s probably time to start thinking about using a GPS VPN service.


What is Global Positioning System (GPS)?

To better understand location tracking, we must understand GPS or the Global Positioning System that most mobile & internet service provides utilize.

The Global Positioning System, known previously as NAVSTAR GPS, is a satellite radio navigation system owned by the US Government and operated by the US Air Force. The global navigation system operated from a network of US Space Satellites that deliver real time geographical location & time information to GPS receivers. These receivers are usually installed in cars, smartphones, smart-watches, PCs and hundreds of other devices that we use.

GPS satellites encircle the earth twice every 24 hours, collecting location & time statistics using “unique signal and orbital parameters”. These signals and parameters are later translated by GPS receivers to determine the exact location of a device at a given time.

Historically, GPS was a weapon designed to help the US in the cold war. After the 1980s the system was made available to anyone with the GPS receiver including transport companies, cab companies, ISPs, mobile manufacturers, car manufacturers and now even comes with smart-watches & medical ID tags. The European Union is designing its own GPS known as Galileo which was supposed to be launched in 2013 but is still under progress.

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Why You Need GPS VPN Security?

Giving Google Maps authorization is one thing, but when every other app most of which have no use for your location data want to know your location (mostly to deliver relevant ads). This is not SAFE AT ALL, with your GPS location data being floundered around the internet without proper security on the service provider’s end.

Consider the case of Uber, where UBER employees were spying on unsuspecting celebs & journalists by abusing the God Mode administrative option given to them for overlooking Uber riders & drivers. Uber was let go easy by courts, with a slap on the wrist and $20,000 in fines.

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The frequency & magnitude of data breaches occurring all over the world are just a signal to all smartphone, tablet and smart device users to gear up for some serious vulnerabilities. Not only is it essential to protect the data on your device and hosted on your social accounts, but also your real time location and activity which is bluntly available to anyone with an internet connection.

A GPS VPN provider will essentially secure your real location and always display the location of the VPN server that you are connected to. This spares you from being snooped on and getting tracked when on public WIFI or mobile networks. I would also recommend to keep GPS location tracking off in your phone or tablet when you don’t need it.


How to setup GPS VPN on Smart Devices

The best aspect of GPS VPN is that it can be used on all your connected devices if they share a connection. This is great for those using smart-watches connected to their phones and smart homes connected to routers. All that is needed is to install the GPS VPN app on your phone or tablet and you are set to go.

You can setup GPS VPN manually too from our dedicated Android & iOS guides.


Best GPS VPN You Need To Bypass Tracking

It’s easier to explain & understand that a GPS VPN is essential to your online privacy, but when it comes to choosing the best GPS VPN protection, you might be baffled looking at the number of options available. Do remember that we cannot guarantee that a GPS VPN will allow you to spam your location when accessing content from different countries!

Much depends on the service you are using and the cyber-laws followed in your country. For instance, it is very easy for the Chinese Golden Shield Project to determine your real location even with a VPN on. I routinely test and review GPS VPN spoofing services and the following still kept my location safe when tested over selected servers:

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GPS VPN Compatibility

Cross Platform compatibility is an essential aspect of any VPN let alone VPN meant for GPS spoofing. Usually, GPS VPN providers offers a complete arsenal of apps designed for leading OS including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Some leading brands even offer compatibility with routers, BlackBerry phones, and various other devices.

One of the most compatible GPS VPN services that I have reviewed is PureVPN. PureVPN offers apps for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, plus, it is compatible with 25 other devices. Similarly, a blazing fast option to look at is ExpressVPN, known for its leading edge apps and router compatibility.

Review our 5 top rated VPN for GPS spoofing, test the services with free trials & money back offers to known which one perfectly fits your needs. Ideal websites to test GPS VPN are IPLocation.net, WhatismyIPAddress.com and IP-tracker.org on PC.


In A Nutshell

Hope this basic guide offers enough help to understand GPS and GPS securing VPN services to readers. Just in case you are still unsure or still willing to know more simply drop a message in the comments area below. Remember to share this article, subscribe to our Twitter feed and to our Facebook page for regular updates.

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    @ameer are you kidding me. You are trying to propagate false information or are you paid by these list of VPN service providers? None of them are GPS securing VPN’s, neither do they help spoof your GPS in anyway.

    Its upon the users to configure their GPS settings from the browser. The VPN has nothing to do with it.

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