Buying best Cheap VPN in December 2016 is not as easy it looks. You may be able to find some very lucrative offers online, but cheap does not always mean secure, and if it’s not secure what good would it be for your privacy?

So let us help you buy a best cheap VPN that offers enhanced data security and robust online privacy. We partner with leading VPN providers to bring you exclusive discounts & offers that let you enjoy top notch VPN services for the best prices.

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Always read through expert editorial reviews of VPN providers to ensure that the price and offer reflects the service features before you buy best cheap VPN.


How To Setup Cheap VPN on Android


  1. Tap on Settings.
  2. Go to Wireless & Networks , then click More
  3. Tap on VPN
  4. Tap on “+” Icon (usually on top right)
  5. Fill in the following details:
  6. Name: PureVPN (Enter your ‘Provider Name’ here, we are using PureVPN)
  7. Type: PPTP (Select relevant protocol, we have chosen PPTP)
  8. Server Address: (Enter server address, contact provider for a list)
  9. Uncheck: PPP encryption (MPPE)
  10. Complete the process and tap on save.
  11. Tap on the newly created PureVPN PPTP Connection.
  12. Provide your Username and Password(ask provider if unavailable)


How To Setup Cheap VPN on iPhone


  1. Go to the home screen and tap on ‘Settings’.
  2. Tap ‘General’ settings> scroll down and tap VPN
  3. Now, tap on ‘Add VPN Configuration’.
  4. Select ‘L2TP’ protocol
  5. In the Description box enter your VPN Provider’s Name e.g. ‘PureVPN L2TP’
  6. Enter your VPN username
  7. Enter the Server you wish to connect to (ask provider for required server name)
  8. Enter VPN password
  9. Insert ‘12345678’ in the secret box and then tap “Save”
  10. Tap on PureVPN L2TP, and turn on VPN
  11. You should now be protected by VPN.


How does a Budget VPN Help

When you buy a budget VPN from renowned providers (we have listed some above with reviews) you get to access geo-restricted content, stay invisible online against, protect against hackers, government surveillance agencies, and cyber criminals.

We must inform you though, buying budget VPN is difficult. Cheap VPN providers with dodgy privacy policies normally maintain activity logs of your online activities, plus, share your personal data & online behavior with 3rd party marketing companies. For example, TotalVPN although offers its services for excellent prices it maintains extensive information on its customers and delivers ads on their web pages in addition to selling their data.

Cheap VPN providers usually have limited global servers while normally failing to offer stable speeds. Buying a cheap VPN is a good decision only when you know where & which brand to buy, or the features you are looking for. Though, we have made it easier for you to buy a VPN in your budget by listing best cheap VPNs, but we recommend you to read our detailed guide to buy only the best VPN at cheap prices.

IvacyVPN has been one of the leading cheap VPN to buy, established with amazing features including a leading app (Windows, Android, iOS, Mac), quarterly deals & discounts, 24/7 Customer Support, 1 Gigabit/Sec speeds, P2P & Torrent supported servers, Internet Kill Switch feature and much more. Review & buy other best cheap VPN services from our table above.


Guide to Buy the Best VPN at Cheapest Prices

People are normally not aware of the features to look for in best cheap VPN, and therefore end-up buying not cheap but poor VPN services. Therefore, we have created a small guide to help you buy the VPN at cheap prices, listing all the important features to look for in best cheap VPN.

The features to look out for when buying the best cheap VPN service are:

  • Server Speeds
  • Tunneling Protocols Offered
  • World Wide Server Network
  • Encryption Algorithms offered
  • Logging Policies & Terms of Use
  • Customer Support Services
  • Multi-user Login feature

We have obtained exclusive discounts for prospects looking to buy a cheap VPN so that they can enjoy best VPN services without paying extra. Just select one of the best cheap VPNs we have recommended above and enjoy anonymous surfing, access to geo-restricted websites, and absolute data protection.

How to Buy a Best Cheap VPN with Perfect Money?

how to buy cheap vpn

The easiest trick to buy cheap VPN is with Perfect Money. You can either purchase a prepaid card/e-voucher to pay for your VPN subscription, or you can use your verified Perfect Money account. Regardless of the payment method, always remember to read the refund policy of all potential VPN providers as some providers may not refund payments received through Perfect Money.

However, the entire list of cheap VPN providers recommended above supports Perfect Money payments. All you are required to do is select your favorite cheap VPN provider from the list, proceed to the payments screen and select Perfect Money or in case if the option is not there then pay through the Perfect Money prepaid card.

Best Cheap VPN: In a Nutshell

Buying a cheap VPN that is also certified & effective is a daunting task, which we have now made easy. You can now buy best budget VPN deals without having second thoughts about online security and data privacy. We bring you the best VPN deals so that you can enjoy the perks of premium VPN services at the lowest possible prices.

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