Ever wondered what the dark sides of internet looks like? I can tell you that it’s full of threats and dangers that will rip apart your online privacy and security. Whenever you go online to check your email, open Facebook or Twitter, shop online, or just surf the internet, you are susceptible unimaginable risks.

There are various malicious goons and surveillance agencies that track and monitor your every activity online. Hackers, spammers, snoopers, and other similar cyber criminals are always on the look out to take advantage of your sensitive information. While surveillance agencies like NSA and GCHQ spy on internet users and carry out bulk data collection consisting of browsing history, phone call records, and other forms of metadata.

If that’s not all, many websites install cookies on your system. This enables them to track and learn about all your preferences and choices. All these threats breach your privacy and personal space. To protect against them, you need a VPN that keeps you anonymous.

Best Anonymous VPN Providers

There are many anonymous VPN services you can choose from in the industry. Here are some of the best anonymous VPN services that will keep you invisible over the internet and keep you protected at all times.

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You will also find some free anonymous VPN providers but there is a catch. These services will promise you anonymity but in the background they record all your online activity and keep usage logs. Similarly, there are different web proxies that claim to be the best anonymous proxy services, but in reality they have weak security measures and will leave your privacy vulnerable to various risks.

The best defense of your online privacy and security is through an anonymous VPN. A free anonymous VPN or proxy service will not provide the same kind of service that a premium anonymous VPN will.

5 Things You Should Look For In an Anonymous VPN

There are certain factors that make up a best anonymous VPN service. Among the various elements, here are 5 things you should look for when select an anonymous VPN service.

Shared IP Addresses

A best anonymous VPN service should provide shared IP addresses. In shared IP addresses, you will be assigned an IP address that is used by other VPN users as well. This makes it extremely difficult for surveillance agencies and other goons to pin point specific user activity. Almost every VPN provider provides shared IP addresses but do inquire if the service offers them for the region with which you want to connect.

Provides High Level of Encryption

One of the key defensive mechanisms used by a VPN service to keep you anonymous is by encrypting all your internet traffic. All your internet activity is kept private and anonymous from your ISP and other surveillance agencies through the encryption levels offered by an anonymous VPN. You should look for AES 256 bit encryption level as it is considered military grade encryption when choosing the best anonymous VPN.

No Usage Logs

While protection from cyber-goons and spying agencies are covered by shared IP and encryption, you should also think of anonymity from VPN providers end. Every VPN service keeps certain types logs about their users. The logs we are interested in are usage logs which pertain to all your internet activity. A best anonymous VPN should not keep any usage logs and deliver complete anonymity to its users.

Anonymous Payment Methods

A VPN service that values your anonymity seriously will provide you with anonymous payment methods. Some of the anonymous online payment methods include BitCoin, Gift Cards, and Prepaid Cards to buy vpn. When you are looking for the best anonymous VPN, look for BitCoin and other similar services as one of the payment options. Using these methods you are safe from revealing your identity or providing any information that could be traced back to you.

Mandatory Data Retention Laws

One of the things you must take into account when selecting an anonymous VPN is where the VPN provider is based. There are certain countries around the world that have mandatory data retention laws. These laws require communication companies including VPN services to keep logs and other private information about their users for certain period of time. A best anonymous VPN should be one that is not located in regions where they are required to maintain such logs by law.


Privacy should be of top concern for everyone in this new digital age. With almost every service being online or requiring certain information through over the internet, you should protect yourself using an anonymous VPN service.

An anonymous VPN service will hide your true identity by cloaking your IP address. It will also safeguard your sensitive data from hackers and surveillance agencies by encrypting it and tunneling it through secure protocols.

Some of the best anonymous VPN service has been listed above. Our guide will also make it easier for you to select an anonymous VPN based on the 5 factors we have mentioned above. So the next time you are about to shop online, check your news feed on Facebook, tweet someone, or randomly surf over the internet, don’t forget to use an anonymous VPN.

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