Cricket Live Streaming came at a price – Dangers of Free VPN

Sitting in Hotel Amira Istanbul, Turkey, I had to the pleasure of meeting some really nice gentlemen traveling from New Zealand. These four men were die hard cricket followers and being a cricket lover myself, our interest couldn’t have matched any better than this. With England taking on New Zealand in the second test at Leeds, our conversation soon turned into a hefty wager over which team will come out on top. With both the teams making 350 runs in their first innings, the match was evenly poised.

England had already won the first test match by a considerable margin; this gave me the bragging rights against these traveling New Zealanders. With all bets placed, only thing missing was to actually watch the match live. Much to our dismay, there was no way to watch the match live in the hotel where we were staying. The match was being televised on channels that were geo restricted and not accessible within Turkey.

Exploring our options, we came across a free VPN (virtual private network) provider that promised live cricket streaming anywhere in the world. With a click of a button, all my internet traffic was being routed through a server located in a different country; allowing us to unblock the geo restricted channels and watch the second innings of the test match. A VPN has this clever ability of faking your location; it does this so well that no government or surveillance agency can track you online.

But with that said, I soon realized that the cricket live streaming using a free VPN came at a price. The free VPN provided poor online security with weak encryption levels; exposing my personal and confidential information to fall in the wrong hands. I also discovered that the free VPN software had malware and my system was infected with all sorts of cyber-evils. If that was not enough, we had to watch the match in poor quality as the performance was inconsistent and unreliable.

To this day I regret using a free VPN service. To make matters worse, England lost the match by a landslide. With that I lost the bet and God knows what else I lost or where my private information and sensitive data had been too when I connected that VPN service. The market is filled such malicious services; I for one will use a premium VPN from now on as I know that for a price, I will get quality service and better online security.


VPN Helped me in accessing Netflix in CHINA!

Not so long ago, I was sitting at the Shanghai Pudong Airport in China, waiting to catch my flight back home. On this day, Netflix’s original series Daredevil was about to be aired and the only thought in my head was to get back home, grab a bowl of popcorns and binge watch Daredevil after an exhausting business trip.

In the midst of all this excitement, my plans were shattered to smithereens when my flight was delayed until the next day. Not sure what to do and who to lash out my frustration and animosity on, I looked for options to kill the free time. This is when I wondered if there was a way to watch Daredevil while sitting in the airport. Yes I wouldn’t have the luxury of sitting in my home but what better way to spend the next thirteen to fourteen hours than watching Daredevil.

I never knew that a VPN or virtual private network would be so useful until that day. Netflix would not allow me to access to its website while being in China, but using a VPN I got around this problem. It directed all my internet traffic through its own servers located in US, enabling me to watch Matt Murdock kick some criminal butt in Hell’s Kitchen.

The ability of a VPN to hide someone’s true location is so good that it does not allow the government and other spy agencies to monitor and track your every move over the internet. This also opens doors to geo restricted content from different regions. And, in the world of internet censorship, a VPN will unblock websites and allow internet freedom. If that’s not all, a VPN strengthens your online security by encrypting all your data and protecting it from various cyber-goons.

These features and uses offered by a VPN in the name of liberty, freedom of speech, and providing a level playing ground for all, is not seen as all virtuous by everyone. Entertainment industries and different governments have raged war against their use. No wonder Chinese officials have been blocking some of the biggest VPN providers that offered services in China.

VPN industry is filled with providers offering different benefits and promising a bunch of stuff. To select one can be a tedious task as there are some malicious looking VPN services out there, especially free ones. Take for example Hola, a free VPN service that provides anonymity and unblocking by routing all your traffic through other Hola users network. So if someone performs illegal actions while using your network, you could end up in a lot of trouble. Therefore, choose your VPN wisely.

A VPN is brilliant little software that offers endless possibilities when it comes to unblocking geo restricted and censored websites, protecting your online privacy, and safeguarding your data from theft and fraud. Now as the fight between Daredevil and Kingpin came to an end, it was time for my flight to get back home. Thanks to VPN, my day was saved!

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