Edward Snowden may have vouched for VPNs as the safest method to have a secure and private internet connection, but latest research by Queen Mary University in London suggests that VPNs may be vulnerable to hackers from the cyber world. VPNs are secure but that security only becomes effective if VPN users know how to effectively manage them. There are five common ways through which a VPN’s security may be enhanced.

Only Choose A VPN Provider That Has The “Internet Kill Switch” Service

When someone’s VPN connection breaks, even if it is for a split second, cybercriminals rub their hands with glee. These are the very moments when the VPN’s privacy is compromised and snoopers may exploit this weakness to their advantage for their illegal motives.

To fix this menace once and for all, VPN users are advised to always opt for a VPN with the “Internet Kill Switch” feature. This feature basically freezes all traffic from coming in or going out which would make it almost impossible for a hacker to tamper with someone’s sensitive data.

Prevent DNS Leaks

A VPN basically channels data through a secure path which the wider internet can’t access, thus maintaining user privacy. However, if there is a leak in the path then private data of users may trickle out for anyone to see. This is the entire concept behind a DNS leak in layman’s terms.

It is important that VPN users remain vigilant at all times and try to stop such a leakage. In case, someone is suspicious of a DNS leak and wants to find a cure for it then the best thing to do is to test your VPN at https://www.dnsleaktest.com/ to ascertain the situation. If there is DNS leak then you can use a VPN which would help fix the issue.

Make Use Of Multiple VPNS

Surely two is better than one but a person might ask how it is even possible? This is a simple task to do on Windows. Just create and connect to a VPN account and while remaining connected create and connect a second account too. This would doubly strengthen a person’s online privacy.

This creates a double layer to a VPN user’s internet privacy.

Only Choose A VPN Provider With Credibility

One just can’t emphasize enough the importance of opting for a trustworthy VPN provider. The VPN provider acts as the intermediary between the users and the content they interact with. The VPN providers are the only ones who know the actual IPs of their users.

An unreliable or unknown VPN provider might have a bad intent and probably might exploit the users. So it is best to first study the available options, look for user's VPN reviews, question the VPN provider personally and then finally decide the VPN to be used.


Don’t simply settle for Edward Snowden’s words or what Queen Mary University’s research has to say. When it comes to internet security, it all depends on individual users of VPN services and how cleverly they protect their online presence. A VPN greatly enhances a connection’s security but vigilance on part of their users may truly guarantee complete internet security.

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