Batman Vs Superman Extended Cut Torrents Run Loose

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If you are a comic buff, and have grown up watching superhero cartoons/movies and reading comics, then you might be aware that ultimate edition of “Dawn of Justice – Batman vs. Superman” is finally here.

It’s a great moment to cherish for DC Universe fans as the Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice torrent is available on all popular torrent trackers. But beware! You may be under strict monitoring if you download the  Batman vs. Superman full movie torrent without hiding your IP address, then you may receive legal notices & warnings from your ISP in the USA, Australia, UK, New Zealand, and Nordic regions of Europe.

You will be slapped with a legal notice if your IP address is detected downloading copyrighted media from the MPAA. Even people who have downloaded Batman vs Superman torrent seem to complain about receiving notices:

batman vs superman torrent download

Luckily, there is a tool that can make you invisible, Virtual Private Networks (VPN). Just like Invisible Hood used his chemically treated hood to become invisible, you can go invisible in cyberspace by using a VPN service.

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Batman vs Superman Ultimate Edition Torrent Released

batman vs superman ultimate edition torrent

The trailer of ultimate edition garnered over four million views since June 2. Directed by Zack Synder, this movie stars Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Jesse Eisenberg, Amy Adams in pivotal roles. The ultimate edition includes exclusive director’s cut scenes, bloopers, deleted scenes and other goodies bundled in the download.

Download Batman vs Superman Torrent Securely with VPN

One of the most highly awaited films of this year Batman vs. Superman may have failed to receive wider appreciation across cinemas, but DC Universe fans know this film just laid the ground for the Justice League to come together, and there is more to come.

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice’s ultimate edition is a three hours long exclusive version of the movie and “it’s great”, as one fan pointed out on twitter:

To experience this greatness you don’t have to buy this ultimate edition, since it’s already available on torrent. However, netizens who have downloaded the film are complaining about receiving notices from their ISPs claiming they have infringed copyright material.

You should consider using a Torrent VPN to download Batman vs. Superman, because VPN can successfully cloak your IP address, and route your traffic through encrypted VPN servers making you completely anonymous to ISP monitoring and MPAA trolls. And this simply means no more legal notices for torrenting. Do remember that a sixth strike or notice from your ISP or the MPAA can lead to fines.

Where to Download Batman vs. Superman HD Torrents?

Despite the wide availability of Batman vs Superman torrents, some users find it difficult to find the reliable torrents websites due to regional blacks placed by the MPAA in the USA and government legislation (DMCA).

torrent dmca complaint

So we took the opportunity to list the best Blu-ray HD quality Batman vs Superman torrents:

Five Facts about Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice You Didn’t Know

There are many things about Batman vs. Superman that fans would love to know, but here we are just giving you five things you did not know about the movie:

  • Batman vs. Superman is not a sequel to Man of Steel, though you may have watched some flashbacks of Man of Steel in the movie.
  • Gal Gadot learned sword fighting, jiu-jitsu, kung fu, and kick-boxing to prepare for the role of Wonder Woman.
  • According to Zack Snyder, Batman is around 45 or 46 year old in the move.
  • Batman has already faced Joker and other villains.
  • Wonder Women is the key character in the movie to make the transition to the Justice league.


Batman vs. Superman although had mixed reviews, but has received excellent support from DC fans globally. The High Definition ultimate edition of this much hyped and most-talked about movie of 2016 has now been released.

You can download Batman vs. Superman 1080p torrents anonymously using a VPN, just to be safe. As ISPs join hands with the MPAA to punish torrent trackers and downloaders for sharing Dawn of Justice torrents, it is essential to keep your download history and IP address secure over torrent software. Choose from one of our leading VPN providers listed above.

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