The Bell Media president, Mary Ann Turcke, has raised fingers at the Netflix subscribers that access the service using a VPN. In a telecom conference, she branded the VPN users accessing US Netflix as thieves. Earlier this year, other Canadian media broadcast executives had also scrutinized the VPN users. However, this latest labeling by Turcke has not gone unnoticed and has sparked some controversy.

Netflix is a global media streaming platform that is available certain countries around the world, including Canada. The content library offered by Netflix also varies across these regions, with the largest library offered in US. Canadian users and other subscribers outside US, use VPN to access Netflix from geo restricted regions and access its full library.

The allegations pointed by Bell’s president are weak and are mainly based on competitive reasons. Bell Media has less than half of the subscribers that Netflix Canada has. Netflix users do not violate any copyright laws and the main purpose of accessing Netflix using a VPN is due to geo restrictions and accessing libraries for more titles.

Whatever the competitive reasons and excuses made by other Canadian Media Broadcasters, Netflix is a paid subscription and it is adding licensed content on a global basis. Accessing Netflix with a VPN is not illegal nor is it a crime as you are paying for the service, accessing licensed content and complying with the copyright laws.

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