Australian Football League (AFL) is the most popular and highest-level professional football league in Australia. With 18 different teams competing for the coveted prize, AFL gives you all the thrills and spills from the world of Australian football.

Now if you are a fan of AFL and are looking for ways to watch your favorite club compete, then you have come to the right place. This guide will highlight all the methods through which you can watch AFL online. You can choose from anyone of the following ways to stream live matches from AFL:

  • Get hold of Watch AFL Global Pass and stream matches live or on-demand.
  • Stream online on different channels.

Watch AFL Online with AFL Global Pass

You can live stream AFL matches using Watch AFL Global Pass which offers other exclusive content along with on-demand match replays. There are different packages available for Watch AFL Global Pass; you can choose from a season long pass, monthly subscription, weekly subscription, or pubs pass.

Now before you start to purchase AFL Global Pass, you should know that its prices vary in different regions. To test this out, we did a little research and found that by changing your IP address (location) to New Zealand using a VPN, you can get the cheapest price for AFL Global Pass. Below listed are the prices of 2016 Season Long Pass from different regions which are converted to USD.

RegionsAFL Global Pass PriceChange you IP / Location

 PureVPN $2.92

7-Days Money Back Guarantee

New Zealand$117.77

*Note: these prices are subject to variations based on the current currency exchange rate. We have converted this prices into USD as of March 29th 2016.

Unblock AFL Global Pass in Australia

If you are located within Australia and are looking forwards using Watch AFL Global Pass to stream your favorite team’s match, then you will be restricted from doing so. The AFL Global Pass is only available for international users and if anyone tries to access content from within Australia, they will be presented with the following message:

A Complete Guide on How to Watch AFL Online

To overcome this problem, you can unblock the Global Pass by using a VPN service. You can use the same VPN that you used for purchasing the AFL Global Pass at cheap rates. Just connect to any other region apart from Australia with a VPN and you’ll be able to watch AFL online using the Global Pass.

Live Stream AFL Matches on Multiple Platforms

Now that you know how to watch AFL online using the AFL Global Pass and how to get it at cheap rates, here are some platforms on which you enjoy live streaming. You stream all the matches from AFL on your PC and Mac. AFL also has official apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone which you can download from the respective app stores.

The app for mobile and tablets is free to download and you can get Footy score updates, live match radio, stats, breaking news, ladder and fixtures, 1 on 1 comparison tools for players and teams, player profiles, and much more.

If you have purchased Watch AFL Global Pass then you can stream live matches on your handheld devices using the official AFL app. In addition to this, you also get on-demand match replays from 2012 onwards. And, if you are located within Australia then you can unblock the AFL app and enjoy live streaming using a VPN.

Watch AFL Live Online on Channels

You can also watch AFL matches live online on different broadcasting channels. You can choose from free and paid channels to live stream AFL. Here are some channels that broadcast live AFL matches in different regions:

Fox Sports 2USA
EuropeEurosport 2
Channel 9Australia


However, the problem in watching AFL on these broadcasting channels is that they are geo restricted and you won’t be able to watch AFL matches outside the regions where they broadcast. So in order to access these channels, you should use a VPN such as PureVPN or ExpressVPN. Using anyone of these VPN services will help you unblock the respective channel and watch AFL online.

Similarly, majority of these broadcasting channels show some games per week (mainly 1 – 3 games). This means that you might not be able to watch your favorite team’s match on these channels since they won’t be televised. To avoid this from happening, we suggest that you use Watch AFL Global Pass instead.


To sum everything up, 2016 Toyota AFL Premiership is currently underway and you cannot miss a single moment from it. With the season going till the end of the year, you can watch AFL online using anyone of the methods that we have highlighted in this guide.

You can stream live matches of your favorite club and get other exclusive content by getting Watch AFL Global Pass. Since the pass is available in different regions at different prices, you can change your IP address using a VPN and get the Global Pass at the cheapest price. On the other hand, you can also choose various streaming channels to watch AFL online.

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