Internet radio service 8tracks is a classic online music streaming service launched almost a decade ago in 2008. The service gets its name from its requirement for users’ to add ‘atleast 8 tracks to their playlist’. 8tracks allows you to browse through playlists created by other users and discovering new mixes and genres.


8tracks vpn


There are two versions of the service, the freemium allows listening to radio from anywhere in the world, there are ads in the free version when connected through US or Canadian IP addresses. US & Canadian freemium users also face the excruciating limit to listen to only 1 hour of music.


how to listen 8tracks outside usa


The premium version removes the advertising, the 1 hour limit,and allows adding more than 8 tracks to their playlists. When using the premium 8tracks + you can also add animated gifs in your playlist artwork. The premium subscription gives you a free full feature experience for 14 days before you can decide to cancel.


How to Use/Listen 8tracks Outside USA & Canada


how to use 8tracks outside canada


The sad news for fans of 8tracks + is that the premium service is only available in the USA & Canada. If you wish to subscribe to the premium version from outside USA& Canada, try with an 8tracks VPN:

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You can simply connect your 8tracks VPN to a US or Canadian VPN server and sign up to the 14 day trial with Credit Card, Debit Card, Discover and American Express.The subscription packages include:

  • Monthly – $4.99 per month
    1. Can be cancelled anytime
  • Yearly – $29.99 per year

To unblock 8track Premium subscription from outside US & Canada follow our guide below:

  1. Subscribe to an 8tracks VPN from our suggested providers above
  2. Download your 8tracks VPN app


8tracks ivacy


3. Login & connect to a US or Canada 8tracks VPN server (I have connected to US)


8tracks unblock


4. Go to, SignUp using Facebook, Google or your Email address

8tracks signup login


5. Once logged in click Upgrade or Get Plus button whichever appears first


8tracks google plus


6. You will be directed to the Sign Up page


8tracks subscription


7. Fill out the payment details and you should have instant access to 8tracks+


8tracks Alternatives


Music fans who like enjoying their playlists or online radio in their car or on their mobile devices can enjoy a range of 8tracks alternatives. Since 8track is restricted in every region in a different way it may just become annoying at times if you want to simply click and play.

There are other alternative apps you can try for non-stop, full feature music.


8tracks vs. Tune-In Radio


As the leading online radio service, Tune IN has been awarded the editor’s choice service on Google Play and App Store for a while now. It is a free to use service (with ads) while the premium version removes ads.


8tracks vs tunein


TuneIN does not have any geo-restrictions of regional blocks plus allows saving favorite radio stations. Possibly the best alternative to 8tracks, Tune In allows browsing through a massive collection of regions, genres and radio stations from across the world. The amazing aspect of Tune In are its brilliant mobile & tablet apps in addition to the web browser version.

You can just log-on and listen to TuneInRadio on the official website or download apps from Google Play & App Store.


How To Download 8tracks Apps & Plugins


8track apps & plug-ins are available over Android devices, iOS devices, Windows Phones, Xbox consoles, Blackberry devices and many other devices, you can check them all out here.


download 8 tracks app and plugins


In a Nutshell


8tracks is one of the better music streaming services that I have used, largely based on the fact that you get to hear some really awesome mixes. Apart from that the restrictions and limited content is a big of a turnoff unless you have the 8tracks premium version.

You can always use a 8tracks VPN client to bypass the geo-restrictions and get access to all features plus all the content available with the service. Hope you found my article helpful, in case you have a query simply drop a comment in the section below.

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