Bells are jingling and Santa is finally shining the sleigh for another joyous Christmas season. As you cuddle up for the holiday season with loved ones, Netflix brings you a huge selection of Christmas flicks to stream during the holidays.
We countdown the 7 best Christmas movies now trending on Netflix. Checkout the trailers and make your picks for the big day.


Die Hard

A cult favorite, Die Hard is a top 5 on every action lover’s Christmas movies list bringing thrilling sequences with a hint of John McClain to your holiday. Ignite your Christmas this year as Nakatomi tower goes under siege by terrorists and one very determined police detective who will not rest until the festive season is restored.


Jingle all the Way

The holiday season is never complete without Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Jingle All the Way to bring you some cynical laughs with an all-star cast.Enjoy this family favorite this holiday season to rejoice the love of family and the pursuit of the perfect Christmas present.


Sleepy Hollow

Have an appetite for the chills? Well we have a brilliant classic for you to enjoy this Christmas as Johnny Depp takes us for a meeting for the devil. Get ready to be petrified as a detective moves to a small town to investigate supernatural murders on the verge of Christmas.


Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

Rare Exports takes us on a horrifying journey of uncovering the legend of Santa Claus in a new style. Put together a murdering Santa, evil elves, hunters, and Christmas, we get the perfect holiday season horror pick.


Rise of the Guardians

A children’s favorite, Rise of the Guardians is the story believing in the spirit of the holiday seasons. Get together with Jack Frost, Santa, Sandman, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny & Co. as they fight the evil of Pitch Black from running Christmas.


Love Actually

Sit back and relax in this amazing family flick with nine entangled lives all brought together by love. Watch love blossom as people discover what they have been missing in their lives & relationships, and how Christmas brings them together.


Home Alone

No Christmas countdown is complete without the shenanigans and schemes of little Kevin McAllister. Relive the genius of the little maestro,after he is left alone at home,as he protects his home against two invading thieves on Christmas eve. Laugh till you pass out and cheer till your cry in this iconic family flick for Christmas.


In a Nutshell

Hope you enjoyed our top 7 movies for this year’s Christmas marathon. Get those blankies out,cuddle up and chill with hot chocolate as you watch some of the best action, horror and comedy classics of the Christmas season.

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