There are very few rivalries in the game of cricket than India vs. Pakistan. Over the years, these two teams have given us many memorable moments, from verbal sledging on the pitch (and off) to mouth watering tense cricketing action. There is no doubt that when these two teams meet, there is something special bound to happen.

On March 19th 2016, India faces off Pakistan at the ICC World T20 2016. The match will be broadcasted live around the world but in certain channels. If you are looking for options to stream the match online for free then you can do so on Hotstar. However, you might be hit with geo-restrictions if you are located outside India; in this case be sure to use a VPN service.

Now coming back to the topic, India is the home team and they are the favorites to win the encounter as they have never lost to Pakistan in a World Cup. Not so long ago, India humbled Pakistan at the Asia Cup T20 where they bowled out the entire team on a dismal 83 total.

The odds may favor India but all eyes will be on the two teams when they meet at the Eden Gardens, Kolkata. To commemorate these two teams and the action that they have provided over the years, here are 5 things every cricket fan would want to see in an India vs. Pakistan match.

1. Shahid Afridi Blazing Away

In the folk lore of cricket, there are very few cricketers as devastating and unpredictable as Shahid Afridi. He might be nearing an end to his career but he is still a force to be reckoned with. This is one thing that all cricket fans (or perhaps Pakistani fans) want to see is Shahid Afridi blazing away at the Indian bowling attack. He has done so on numerous occasions and with all the criticism surrounding him, this might be the perfect time to repeat another one of his blistering innings.

2. A Six of the Last Ball

There are not many thrilling moments in cricket than a boundary needed on the last ball of the match. Everyone remembers Javed Miandad’s last ball six to win the match for Pakistan at Sharjah in 1996 against India. If a similar occasion is achieved in the match between India and Pakistan on March 19, then it would be a fitting end to the match.

3. Super Over

If a six on the last ball is a fitting end, let’s spice things up by adding a Super Over to India vs. Pakistan. Based on the new ICC rules, if a match is tied then six additional balls (Super Over) are played between the two teams to decide a winner. Pakistan and India achieve a similar feet at World T20 in 2007; although there was no Super Over at the time, instead a Bowl-Out was played and India won that match.

4. Verbal Sledging On-Pitch

No India vs. Pakistan match will be complete if we don’t see some sort of verbal sledging between the players. Over the years, there have been many verbal exchanges between the players from the two teams. Things might not be as tense as they were before between India and Pakistan, but if we were to see verbal sledging in the match at Eden Garden, it would be a treat for both sets of fans.

5. A Century & A Hat-Trick

When India takes on Pakistan at the ICC World Twenty20, it is a match between the best batting attack against the best bowling attack. Based on this, we expect at least a century from either teams and to top things of, a hat-trick would be the cherry on top of the cake. Although this may be a long shot (expecting both things) but if a century and a hat-trick do happen, this would be one of the most memorable India vs. Pakistan matches.

Final Verdict 

We are really excited about India vs. Pakistan match on March 19, 2016. It is going to be an enthralling matchup between two of the best teams from Asia. You can expect high cricketing action with lots of drama to unfold when these two meet at Eden Gardens.

If the five things we have mentioned above take place in the match, you can bet on some fireworks to take place. Remember that you can catch live action of India vs. Pakistan match by streaming online. Some of the channels you can select include Hotstar or Star Sports. And, if you run into the problem of geo-restrictions then make sure you use a India VPN service.


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