In this new day and age, securing your privacy and security on all devices is the ultimate thing. Thanks to the post Snowden era, major threats and vulnerabilities have been highlighted that could leave your privacy and security exposed.

This is just the case with Android operated mobile devices and tablets. Having a good antivirus does not protect your Android device from various cyber threats.

There are hackers, spammers, snoopers, phishes, malware, tracking technologies, and numerous other malicious cyber-goons out there, looking to infiltrate your private space and breach your privacy.

To protect against all these threats, you need a combination of mobile apps that will safeguard your privacy and security. However, looking for the correct app on Google Play Store can be very tricky.

This is because of the sheer abundance of apps available on Google Play Store for you to use. To help you out, here at BestVPNProvider, we have devised a list of top 5 best privacy and security apps for Android.

Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger

Developed by Open Whisper Systems, Signal Private Messenger is free to download and allows you to send text messages, share content with your friends, and make phone calls while keeping these activities private.

Previously, Open Whisper Systems offered apps for securing SMS and phone calls through TextSecure and RedPhone apps respectively. Now they have combined the features from both the apps into Signal Private Messenger, enabling you to secure your conversations (text or phone call) through one app.

Signal Private Messenger uses end-to-end encryption to secure your communications. It also utilizes a protocol that is flexible and works in the most constraints of environments. This is a must have app for ensuring that no one is eavesdropping your conversations.



When it comes to securing your privacy, it is important to protect your internet activity as well. This is extremely important if you connect to public WiFi hotpots as there are numerous cyber-goons that pray on your internet traffic and look to take advantage from it.

This is where you should use a VPN service and PureVPN is one of the best VPN apps out there. It has 500+ servers located in over 141 countries and allows you to encrypt all your internet traffic. PureVPN also supports OpenVPN protocol, which is considered the strongest of all protocols.

With the help of PureVPN app, you can remain anonymous over the Web, hide your internet activity, unblock websites, and use P2P services. PureVPN is free to download from Google Play Store or you can configure the VPN manually on your Android device.



Apart from securing your internet activity and all your communications on Android, you should also beware of various tracking technologies. Ghostery is a free to use app, designed specifically for uncovering these tracking technologies.

Ghostery is famously known as a web browser extension but it is also available on Android. With Ghostery activated, you can see and block various trackers, web bugs, advertising companies that track your internet habits, and other tracking technologies.

Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus


No Android device is completely safe until you have a good antivirus app installed on your device. There are many antivirus apps you can choose from but Avast Mobile Security app provides complete protection against various threats.

The Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus is free to use and you can scan for infected apps and files. It also helps you defend against unwanted phishes, malware, spyware, viruses, and other malicious software such as Trojans.

In addition to blocking viruses and other cyber threats, Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus also offers features such as app lock, app permission, and call blocker.

LastPass Password Manager


To complete your overall Android security and privacy suite, you need a strong password manager. LastPass is amongst the best password manager apps you can use on Android. It allows you to manage and generate passwords for various apps.

LastPass is a secure vault where all your passwords are kept safe and secure. It saves and auto-fills personal information on all your accounts, whether you are using in-app browser, Chrome, or Safari. With LastPass, you can easily create new passwords, update forms, websites, and secure notes.

Honorable Mentions

The 5 best apps for Android that we have mentioned above cover pretty much all the basics for securing your privacy on Android devices. In addition to them, here are some honorable mentions that we would like to highlight, as these apps could also enhance your online security for Android.

AdBlock Browser, previously available as AdBlock Plus, is also a nifty app for Android that will help you browse the internet while blocking ads, malware, and other malicious technologies.

Orbot: Proxy with Tor is also a valuable Android app for securing your privacy and anonymity over the internet. The key highlight of this app is that it allows you to access websites, emails, and instant messages without the being tracked or monitored.

Did you like our list or found other Android apps that will enhance your online privacy and security? Drop us a comment below.

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