What is Dedicated IP VPN?

A Dedicated IP addresses is an internet address exclusively assigned to a single account or one particular user. In other words, dedicated IP address can only be utilized by a single user and at the same time, this aspect should be kept in mind that these IP addresses do not provide the highest level of anonymity but offers numerous other benefits to its owner.


Best Dedicated IP VPN for USA

Although there are numerous VPN providers available with US servers, not all offer dedicated IP addresses with their VPN services. Below are the top 3 VPN providers offering dedicated IP addresses on selected servers:

1. Pure VPN
2. Astrill VPN

Not all VPN providers offer dedicated IP addresses since they limit the anonymity that can be offered to a VPN user. We have compared dedicated IP addresses with shared IPs, listed the top benefits of dedicated IP addresses and reviewed the top 3 dedicated IP VPN providers to better understand their importance.


Best Dedicated IP VPN for UK

Subscribers in the United Kingdom can choose between PureVPN, Astrill VPN and Hide My Ass to secure dedicated IP addresses. Our suggested dedicated IP VPN for UK is PureVPN, offers a huge variety of servers ip from UK such as London, Manchester, Gosport, Leicester, Maidenhead. We tested london server and speed test screen shots are given below: (tested on 8 mbps connection)

uk dedicated ip vpn


Best Dedicated IP VPN for Korea

South Korea’s cyberspace operates with fairly relaxed laws but with few limitations including self-censorship online& limits on publishing certain content. News, blogs and other content glorifying North Korea or undervaluing the South’s social values is blocked under order from the South Korean Communications Standards Commission (KCSC). The KCSC blocked 97,095 websites while 24,581 individual webpages were deleted in 2014 alone.

ISPs that do not follow cyber legislation can be punished for up to 2 years in jail, fined up to $9,000 or both. In February 2015, the former South Korean National Intelligence Service Chief, Won Sei-Hoon, was sentenced to three years in prison for directing an online campaign against the current president’s rivals in the December 2012 election.

Other than this, thousands of users shifted from a local messaging provider to international encrypted messengers due to fears of government surveillance. This gives credence to the usage of VPNoffering dedicated IP addresses for South Korean netizens.


Astrill VPN

Astrill VPN offers whitelisted & fresh dedicated IP addresses for Korea. You can add the IP when you are signing up for Astrill VPN, though you will have to check with the Live Chat representative for available dedicated IP addresses for South Korea. Dedicated IP addresses are an add-on and eachcosts subscribers $5 with the service.



FlyVPN offers a dedicated IP addressesin South Korea located in Seoul, providing all unlimited features with the subscription. Subscribers can get aFlyVPN dedicated IP address for Koreawith a normal package for an extra $5, so it will be $15/month with a dedicated IP address.Fly VPN is alsoa “gaming private network” and establishes a specialization for online gamers with lag and data loss issues.


Best Dedicated IP VPN for Japan

Japan offers one of the most comforting cyber laws in the world today, but, there are minor violations of user rights, censorship and blocking of content observed. Usually censorship in Japan is politically instigated bloggers & journalists are not punished for criticism like China.Japanese and K-Pop entertainment are actively blocked to access outside Japan, these include famous anime series, music and soap operas.

This gives rise to the idea of a VPN with static IP addresses for Japan. A dedicatedIP address allows users to easily bypass any blocks placed by the Japanese government without being identified. Similarly, those located outside Japan can register a dedicated IP address for Japan to get the latest news, music, shows and other entertainment without worrying about geo-restrictions.

Astrill VPN provides a dedicated IP as an add-on during the sign-up process. Adding a dedicated IP costs $5 per month in addition to the package you choose. The provider has a strict no log policy and unlimited bandwidth. Gaming VPN provider LimeVPN offers dedicated IP addresses for Japan, costing $9.99 per month.


Free Trial Providers for Dedicated IP


Unfortunately, there are no VPN providers that offer dedicated IPs for free trial. This is largely because of the fact that a dedicated IP is hosted over a dedicated server. A dedicated server brings with it added costs and maintenance to ensure that you are always secured and always connected.

Although you can trial different VPN providers with shared IPs, it is impossible to do so with a dedicated IP address. You can test speed, stability, security, apps, customer support and other features of your favorite free trail providers including Incognito VPN, Tunnel Bear and Cyber Ghost VPN.

In case these are not your cup of tea, try the brilliant money back guarantee offers from PureVPN, ExpressVPN and IvacyVPN. Check out the providers in our table, access their reviews and make use of the brilliant money back guarantees.


Top 3 Trusted Static IP Providers


Amongst thousands of VPN providers available today, it is first difficult to identify static IP VPN providers from amongst them and then reviewing the providers to ensure the static IP addresses are not blocked & banned. We have taken the privilege to preview 3 leading static IP VPN providers:


purevpn static ip address



  • Network of 500+ servers across 141 Countries
  • Prices starting from as low as $4.99/month
  • Brilliant new range of apps for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android
  • Absolute Zero data & activity logging policy
  • Split tunneling feature
  • 5 Multi logins facility
  • Internet Killswitch
  • 24/7/365 Customer Support



  • No free trial
  • Strict Refund Policy


Pure VPN offers numerous advantages to its users as compared to other static IP VPN providers. PureVPN offers more than 550 servers throughout the world with 90 servers operating in the USA. Pure VPN provides monthly, half yearly and yearly plans to subscribers, all of with the option of dedicated IPs.

Dedicated IP addresses are availablefor the following US cities:

  • San Diego,
  • San Francisco,
  • Los Angeles – California,
  • Houston & Dallas – Texas,
  • New York – New York,
  • Las Vegas – Nevada,
  • Miami – Florida,
  • Washington, D.C.


Astrill VPN

astrill dedicated ip vpn


  • 202 servers in 55 countries including vast server networks in US, UK and Canada
  • Strong customer support 24/7/365
  • 7 Day Free Trial available
  • 87000+ IP addresses to hide behind



  • Personal information is excessively required during setup stage
  • Harsh refund policy
  • Monthly subscription plan not available

Astrill is another leading dedicated IP VPN provider offering services in more than 50 countries along with its 300+ servers. Astrill VPN offers unique 7 tunneling protocol feature to its users and also provide cutting edge tools such as Web Cache, Video Accelerator and Private IPs (Dedicated IP Address).

One dedicated server is available in the United States specially to cater Private or dedicated IP addresses. Customer support did not mention the cities for which dedicated IP addresses are available. Subscribers can inquire about dedicated IP locations from the support team before applying for one.

Private or Dedicated IP is a renowned service provided by Astrill, known for their high speed performance and ironclad security. Static IP addresses available from Astrill are offered @ $5 per month each. Astrill establishes the following benefits from its dedicated IPs:

  • Dedicated IP for your private use, and not shared by anyone.
  • All ports are available to you (that’s total of 65535 ports).
  • No Port Forwarding required, simply Plug-n-Play and you are good to go.
  • You can host any type of service on your private IP, on any port number.



hidemyass static ip vpn




  • User friendly setup guides
  • Huge presence of servers worldwide
  • 30 days money back guarantee




  • Customer support needs massive improvement
  • Volatile & slow speeds reported by users at times
  • Software is a bit complex for new VPN users
  • One of the worst data retention policies, needs a massive overhaul

HideMyAss VPN is one of the vintage brands in the industry with a customer base bypassing its top 2 competitors put together. A network of over 900 global servers across 190+ countries, 12,000 IP addresses to choose from and the addition of static IP services make HMA VPN a great option for users in Europe.

Dedicated IP addressesare available on every regional server the provider caters to. To inquire about static IP addresses and HMA services simply complete this form and apply for one. Do remember it’s not free and will cost you above the cost of the VPN service itself.


Shared IP vs Dedicated IP


The IP address is the first point of contact when locating an online user. IP addresses are unique identifiers issued by your ISP to recognize you over a TCP/IP network, just like a post box number. Usually, VPN providers offer what are known as “Shared IP Addresses” from their servers, this IP address is usually shared by multiple users currently connected to that VPN server.

shared web server

A Dedicated IP Address is one which is uniquely assigned to one particular user. For instance, you can subscribe to a dedicated IP based in UK, USA, Hong Kong, Germany, France and many others. This will ensure you get the same IP address every time you connect through the VPN service.

Dedicated IP addresses are usually used when accessing secure services like online banking& email, shopping on specific websites, accessing streaming services or gaming with VPN. The diagram above illustrates the concept of shared and dedicated IP addresses to make it really easy.

Privacy conscious netizens even tend to configure their emails and other communications using only the dedicated IP address. This adds an additional level of security for email &VoIP services in particular.


How To Access US Netflix with Static IP VPN


While browsing through Reddit I happened to land on a thread discussing issues around accessing the US Netflix library. The sad fact here is that Netflix Inc. has kept its crackdown on VPN users & IP addresses going after launching over 200 Netflix portals across regional cyberspaces. The crackdown has allowed them to monitor and restrict most shared VPN IP addresses, with only a handful of providers able to unblock the US or UK Netflix library.

how to unblock netflix using static ip vpn

Take this user for instance, after his ExpressVPN IP was blacklisted by Netflix he is now considering moving to PureVPN and subscribe with a dedicated or static IP address. This is a great idea though but do remember that static IP addresses are easier to track and blacklist.

PureVPN is a pioneer of the VPN industry known for its constant privacy upgrades and absolutely fabulous seasonal saving offers. The brand has offered dedicated IP addresses since the very beginning and offers a pretty decent 24/7/365 support service in case you have an issue.
During our conversation with PureVPN’s management team we were told that the company constantly updates its IP addresses ensuring that none of the blacklisted addresses remain within their arsenal. PureVPN spokes person established that both shared &static IP subscribers can access their favorite video libraries without having to change provider.
Yes, PureVPN static IP addresses offer exclusive access to the US Netflix library, without being blacklisted. Now do remember that only IP addresses from certain US cities will work with Netflix since most others have been already blacklisted. PureVPN is no exception either since Netflix slams down on every VPN provider that seeks to bypass its stringent geo-restrictions.
Another solution to the Netflix VPN ban is renting your own personal dedicated VPN server and setting up a personal VPN, as this user did:

Netflix fanatics can also indulge in what we call SmartDNS servers. These specially setup DNS allow users to actively bypass the Netflix ban by virtually replacing user location and using the provider’s DNS settings rather than Google’s default DNS.


Benefits of Using Dedicated IP VPN Services


Although Dedicated IP addresses are not considered ideal for privacy protection when you are online, they do have an exclusive set of benefits that we will discuss in sections to follow.

Accessing Specific Web Services with Dedicated IP

Accessing personal services like banking, shopping services, email, secure business servers and VoIP services can be dangerous even over private networks at work, school or even at home. A dedicated IP VPN (also known as static IP VPN), ensures that you can conduct your confidential online activities like banking, sending email, voice conversations, online bill payments and online shopping with a complete sense of security.

Remember the Apple iCloud hack that caused very sensitive pictures of celebrities being leaked on social networks. Apple never took the blame for providing a faulty service and the real blame fell on the celebrities who failed to recognize the importance of their privacy and transferred photos to their iCloud account over public Wi-Fi. This is where a dedicated IP VPN definitely helps with providing robust data protection and network security.

Avoid Blacklisting on Websites with Dedicated IP

Various streaming and download websites tend to restrict users for consuming a certain quota. For instance, you can stream only 5 movies per day on a free streaming website or you can download only 3 files per day from a storage website. In case of a shared IP there will always be a massive chance that maximum quotas have already been reached, since multiple netizens are sharing IP addresses.

This can be quickly fixed with a Static IP. You will be the only one will access and will now be able to keep track of the maximum download or streaming limits.

Security for Business Servers

As business processes lean more towards information technology, businesses users require ready access to their office servers in meetings, while travelling, at conferences and while demonstrating products & services. Static IP VPN providers are a great option for business users & workers to safely access their headquarter servers.

Accessing office servers on unsecure public Wi-Finetworks especially those in Airports, coffee shops and even when using 4G mobile networks can be very dangerous to business integrity. EBay, Morrisons, Ashley Madison Dating, the US Internal Revenue Service, Representative (Dem) Hilary Clinton’s email server, the Bank of England and hundreds of very critical businesses have been breached in the past 4 years.

A dedicated IP compounds the security a data or email server allowing only connections made through the dedicated IP address to come through. In case, an employee establishes a connection using an ordinary public IP address, the connection will be denied.

Get Better Speed with Dedicated IPs

As less traffic flows through the dedicated IP compared to shared IP addresses from the same server, there should be a significant increase in your page load times and download speed.

Another major difference shared IP addresses & dedicated IP VPN comes in the form of Packet Inspection. Every server that examines requests and delivers them to respective domains has to inspect data packets to know which site has been requested. In case of a shared IP address thousands of websites maybe being queried at the same time. A dedicated IP address will have fewer or no requests awaiting in queue hence processes websites faster.

This also implies that dedicated IP VPN servers will also offer faster downloads, faster video & music streaming, and load web pages much faster. This should be good news for streaming and Torrent fans.


How to Setup Dedicated IP VPN Services


Setting up the dedicated IP VPN is not difficult at all if you are previously setup VPN on your devices.

Windows users can setup Static IP either through the provider apps available after subscribing to VPN or manually through the Network & Sharing Center. For our test, we subscribed to PureVPN and tested the Dedicated IP feature on Windows and Android.

Windows Setup

Step 1
Install the PureVPN app (if not installed) on your Windows PC. Once installation completes, run the app, it will bring you to the purpose selection screen. Scroll down and choose “I want to use for Remote/DEDI IP”.

Purevpn App

Step 2
Now click the Dashboard link from the left hand menu. Within the Dashboard menu you will see the following choices:

Dedicated IP VPN

Choose the Dedicated IP option, then type in the address for the server you wish to access. I chose a US Static IP when signing up so they gave us a unique dedicated IP server address, now every time we connect using the Dedicated IP VPN feature, we receive the same US Static IP address.


See You Again Soon


We hope you enjoyed learning more about dedicated IP services and the information provided insight over how they can be advantageous. If you enjoy reading our blog share it with friends and let them know too. Stay tuned for more updates on how to setup Static IP manually over Windows PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

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