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7 Features That Make Up the Best Android VPN

best android vpn
Author: Saleem Ahrar Category: Devices

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There are countless VPN for Android available in the market, both free as well as paid. However, the limitations that come with a free Android VPN ruin the experience completely. Therefore, your best bet is to find a cost-effective Android VPN.

Here are a few things you should know so that you can make an informed decision – one that you won’t regret later.

There are a number of horrid risks that make it imperative to use an Android VPN. Below is an explanation of how your chosen VPN should keep you safe from all those risks.

1. All-Access Pass

Geo-restricted websites, such as Netflix, can block you from accessing their content if your IP does not originate from an approved region.
Choosing the best Android VPN can give you an ‘All-Access Pass’ to the internet so that you can circumvent IP-based blocks.

2. Strong and Safe

The best Android VPN in the market will provide you with a minimum of 256-bit encryption to keep your data safe at all times during the internet session. The internet is loaded with spyware and phishing software designed to collect your data and forward it to third parties.
Android devices are public WiFi hotspot friendly but such hotspots are not privacy friendly. Your chosen Android VPN must be capable of making your hotspot web sessions secure. An effective android VPN will keep the sniffers and phishers off your tail while allowing you to the flexibility to connect to every public WiFi hotspot you want!

3. Countries & Servers

Don’t expect to get the same number of countries and servers on your Android device as you would on your personal computer. Android is a different ballgame altogether.
What you want from the best Android VPN is convenient country switching and server exclusivity. Go for an Android VPN provider who is dedicating specific servers to VPN service for Android devices.
A VPN provider for Android offering 10 to 15 servers should definitely make your list.

4. Guides & Tutorials

Comb the website and check if the tutorials are adequate. VPN connections usually come with a Some Assembly Required tag and there is nothing better than a good tutorial when complications arise. Consider illustrated tutorials to be an unquestionable plus point.

5. Customer-Friendly

A customer-friendly Android VPN will offer you support through multiple customer support channels. We recommend going for a VPN that allows you to open support tickets, while also offering LiveChat and email based customer support.
The next thing you should look for is a strong FAQs section and an active Forums page. Ideally, all of these should be available under the “Support” section of your VPN provider’s website.

6. LiveChat

When the going gets tough, customer support boils down to LiveChat. The best Android VPN service provides LiveChat support 24/7 to help you in case you get stuck. Remember, LiveChat makes all the difference when you are on the go with your Android device and run into a problem with your Android’s VPN!
The best way to test LiveChat is by taking it for a test drive. Ask the LiveChat representative a question, if you get an answer before five minutes, you have a winner.

7. The All Important App

We saved the most important for last. Your VPN service provider will most probably ask you to download a special app on your Android device.
The best Android services will let you download the app for free. More importantly, the Android VPN app has to be easy to use, providing you the ability to connect with a few simple clicks with minimal tech know-how.

Get Connected!

According to the android 2.2.1 user guide, connecting to a VPN begins with the procurement of a VPN and the acquisition of connection details from the VPN provider. These details are necessary because they define connection perimeters between you and the android VPN provider.
Once these details have been acquired, Android’s built-in configuration protocols will allow you to add, edit, delete and connect to android VPN connections with ease.
So, spend some time researching on the best Android VPN and make an informed decision: Or, you can just check out our ratings, pick the one we recommend and save yourself loads of time!
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